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Corrected entry: During the brothel scene, Loveless is seen near the cart containing nitro-glycerine. We see him pull the hinge out of the cart and the cart rolls down the hill and into the brothel. Now there's two things wrong with this scene. First, it wasn't a small hill, it was a small cliff that was near the brothel. And second, where did the horses pulling the cart go?

Correction: The pin is pulled from the wagon allowing it to roll freely away from the horses, who begin to move forward freely after the cart begins rolling downhill, which is a separate part of the hill, as the horses had to be led away from their original location in order to be facing away from the brothel instead of towards it.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Grant is trying to drive the railroad spike in at Promontory Point, current 50-state US flags are visible on the train.

Correction: No, they're not. These are 37-star flags.


Corrected entry: The Secret Service was created under Abraham Lincoln's presidency in 1865, not under Ulysses S. Grant's.

Correction: Did Abraham Lincoln form the Secret Service before or after the 80ft mecha-tarantula terrorised the United States? This is not a historical film they are free to create a secret service whenever they like.


Corrected entry: Unlike in the movie, President Grant did not actually attend the "golden spike" ceremony at Promontory, Utah.

Correction: Though this is true, this is not a historical documentary, so the filmmakers are entitled by means of artistic license to change any historical facts to suit their storyline.


Corrected entry: After the demonstration of his tank, Loveless requests 1,000 kg of gold from each country who wants to join him in his little war and bring it within four days at his secret lab. Now, since most of them were from Europe, how can they ever bring that amount of gold over to the U.S.? It would take weeks to cross the ocean, let alone days until they reach the secret lab.

Correction: Loveless obviously told the Europeans to bring the money over with them and have it accessible here in the U.S.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the train, after Rita says goodnight. You see that Jim and Arty each glance to the side as they talk to each other, as if their couches are on different sides of the car. However, both couches are obviously on the same side of the car, since each man is lying close to the left side of the screen (against the back part of his couch). They should be looking ahead to face each other, not to the side.

Correction: No, you can see the wall of the car behind each man as they are talking. The wall behind Gordon is to his right, and the wall behind West is to his left indicating opposite sides of the car. Also, if the couches were on the same side of the car one of the men would have to turn all the way around to a) talk to the other or b) talk to Rita. Since neither man has to do this, the couches must be on opposite sides of the car.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jim is talking to the Oriental girl at Loveless's party, he shoots behind and all around the room, but never up. But when he walks out of the room, a man falls from the ceiling. How did he get shot?

Correction: He didn't get shot, he just lets himself drop. Jim has shot everyone else and left the room, so there is no need for the man to continue holding on to the ceiling (or whatever he was doing).


Corrected entry: During the scene when Loveless is talking about taking over the U.S. and he mentions some states and Arizona is one of them. Arizona was not a state when Grant was president. (He may have mentioned others that weren't states yet, but this is the only one I remember completely.)

Correction: True, Arizona was not a state. However, Arizona was organized as a separate territory from New Mexico on February 24, 1863.


Corrected entry: When West and Gordon are running away from the giant saw blades, how do they end up on opposite sides of the cliff?

Correction: In the scene before they jump there is and overhead shot and you can see that they split up to the other sides of the cliff.


Corrected entry: In Loveless' demonstration, he refers to the armoured vehicle as a "tank." When these vehicles were first delivered in World War I, they were described in official documentation as "water tanks" to maintain secrecy. The name stuck. Unless Loveless tried the same deception, he wouldn't call it a tank.

Correction: It might not be the reason, but given the shape of the "tank" in WWW, they almost look like the Water Tanks seen in the movie used to Water Locomotives. That, or Loveless has completely different reasons as to call his invention a Tank.


Corrected entry: At the end of the feature, the two main characters (Jim West and Artemis) are supposed to go to Washington DC. But the film shows them riding off into the sunset, which is in the west. (The sun sets in the west) This is wrong, since Washington DC is in the east.

Correction: Given the nature of the film, you could argue this was just put in as a stereotypical wild west thing to do, irrespective of the direction you're meant to be going in.


Corrected entry: In the scene after Will Smith stops the horses before going of the cliff, after the horses pull him up from the cliff, we see Will look into the brothel. Then before that scene ends we see him walk towards the brothel to confront Bloodbath McGrath, and technically right off the cliff.

Correction: Pay closer attention to the shot of him hanging there. The "cliff" slopes downward at a decent angle for him to slide down it.


Corrected entry: When West and Gordon are about to look through the severed head of a scientist, Gordon shows West the metal collar that was supposedly found 10 feet (I'm not exactly sure what he said) away from his head, connected to his body. Yet in the beginning, when McGrath takes the blade that beheaded our poor scientist, the collar is shown still connected to the mans neck.

Correction: It would have been at least several hours if not several days later, and there are any number of ways for the collar (or the head) to have moved a little ways away by then.


Corrected entry: When Will Smith is shot in the chest and falls of the spider he is dressed in a vest and jacket and he has his guns on. When he gets back to the train he is dressed in a shirt, the same one he had on when he and Kevin Kline got to the train after escaping the magnetic collars.

Correction: No it isn't. It's the same one he wears under his jacket - complete with vest - they're just the same color.


Corrected entry: In the shot where Jim returns to the train after being shot in the chest he steps on a belt. When you see the belt you also see a battery on the floor. I thought there weren't electronics that time.

Correction: There's no battery on the floor!


Corrected entry: When Jim was stopping the horses that were carrying the nitro in the wagon, Jim stopped the horses right near a little drop off, which made him fall off holding on to the horses reigns. What I don't get is why he made the horses pull him back up. Why didn't he just jump off, it was only a couple of feet down. It's not like it was a cliff or something.

Correction: That's not a mistake. It's just a character's decision within the movie.


Corrected entry: In the scene where West and Gordon are being chased into the cornfield by the flying blades, West runs into the field without his hat, but has it on as he is running through the cornfield.

Correction: At no point in that scene does it look as though West has lost his hat.


Corrected entry: After they get out of the mud, their clothes and collars are both clean

Correction: Their clothes are so obviously NOT clean that it is mind-boggling that you could have ever mistaken them as such.


Corrected entry: Why does that metal bloke short circuit?

Correction: He's obviously a Cyborg. A Cyborg carrying a large metal wrench, who's just walked between two even larger conductors. That sort of thing tends not to be very conducive to the health of such creatures.


Corrected entry: When Jim West and Artemis Gordon are riding away from the train, you can see that Jim is a doll. He's too stiff when he's riding to be a real person.

Correction: Jim has probably been riding horses since he was a teenager and possesses more than enough experience to remain steady on almost any one of them. And you can see him use that exact posture and exact speed when he's heading to and from the White House. Apart from which; nobody's going to be stupid enough to stick an inanimate Doll on top of a horse and then set him loose over open land.


Continuity mistake: During the fight inside the spider, West wraps one of Loveless' men in a chain and kicks him out the door. You clearly see that the chain comes completely off its roll and falls to the ground, presumably with the body. Yet later on in a wide shot of the spider you can see the body and chain still suspended from the spider. Then when it crashes, West uses the hanging body to save himself.

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Suggested correction: We do actually not see it fall to the ground, just vanish outside. It could be that the end of the chain got caught onto something just beneath the opening.

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Capt. James West: Let me tell you something about your beloved art of disguise, Gordon. That night at Fat Can's, it wasn't a difficult task to tell that you weren't a woman.
Artemus Gordon: I was propositioned by three men.

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Trivia: The film underwent costly reshoots to emphasize the humor when test audiences weren't sure if the movie was a comedy.

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Question: During the big fight scene near the end, one of the henchman Will Smith fights lifts a wrench to strike, only to randomly die for seemingly no reason. He screams, some sparks shoot out of his ears, and he's dead. What killed him? I've seen some people say he electrocuted himself on the equipment around him, but that's not true - the wrench is nowhere near hitting anything. Did he just... randomly blow a fuse or something?


Answer: He's some sort of robot or cyborg, and he's shorted out from the damage he received in the brawl.

Brian Katcher

Answer: In the original script, Jim West simply sidestepped the menacing MetalHead henchman, who plunged through the doorway, falling to his death. Apparently, this wasn't a spectacular enough way to end the brawl, so the scene was revised to add the huge machine wrench and electrical sparking effects. West intentionally hands the wrench to MetalHead, who grabs it with both hands and raises it to strike; he then shorts-out with electrical sparking effects before falling out the door. I believe the implication is that, when MetalHead grabbed the wrench with both hands, it completed an exposed electrical circuit that caused him to quickly short-out.

Charles Austin Miller
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