Wild Wild West

Continuity mistake: During the fight inside the spider, West wraps one of Loveless' men in a chain and kicks him out the door. You clearly see that the chain comes completely off the its roll and falls to the ground, presumably with the body. Yet later on in a wide shot of the spider you can see the body and chain still suspended from the spider. Then when it crashes, West uses the hanging body to save himself.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the "Do not push" button is pushed for the first time, Jim West is launched on to the pool table and strapped down by two harnesses. However the lower harness shoots out between his legs, only strapping his right leg. In the next shot both legs are strapped down.

Continuity mistake: While Artemis Gordon is doing his "martial arts warm-up," Jim West is in a relaxed fighting stance from one camera angle, but just standing up from another.

Continuity mistake: When Gordon and West are chasing Loveless in the train. They pass through a tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel, Loveless has elevated his train on crutches to hide as West and Gordon's train goes under Loveless' train. During the shot where you look through to the end of the tunnel there are no crutches showing where Loveless is hiding. In the very next scene you are looking back into the tunnel from the end and the crutches of Loveless' train are now there at the end of the tunnel. Then Loveless' train lowers back onto the track.

Continuity mistake: When Gordon and West are in the White House (after the real president Grant walks in), Gordon is shown removing his false stomach and tucking his shirt in. In one scene, the shirt is almost totally tucked in, in the next scene, the shirt is pulled back out of his pants. He then tucks the shirt back in again (for the second time).

Continuity mistake: When West and Gordon are being chased by Loveless in their trains they are riding on a straight (as we can see from their over the shoulder shots). Yet when Loveless fires the cannon at them, the shot shows the back of the train and a small hill being hit by the shot, the train is turning a corner as this happens. But when we see the O-T-S camera shot again, the train is back on a straight track. Where did the hill come from?

Continuity mistake: In the shot where McGrath punches West in the face, he has the hearing thing in his ear. Next shot, when he runs away, he doesn't have the hearing thing in his ear.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jim West is walking up to the White House we can see different shadows: the ones generated by the bodies of people in the street go one way, but we can clearly see that the white house dome has light coming from the same direction as the people's shadows are going. The White House's shadow goes in the right direction for the light.

Continuity mistake: When Artimus is showing Rita the billiard balls on the Wanderer, Artimus is juggling 1 green stripe, 1 orange stripe, and 1 red solid ball. As the camera changes from his back to front, the orange stripe changes to a red stripe. The other two stay the same.

Good Job!

Continuity mistake: When the giant metal spider approaches, the bridge moves from side to side and up and down. But in the next close-up everybody on it is standing upright with no problems.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie, when Artemis is dressed as a woman, they show several wide/angle crowd scenes. In one of these you can see Artemis's false nipples pressed against his dress. Yet later when he shows Jim his false breasts, they are smooth with no nipples.

Continuity mistake: When West is fighting the crew on the lower deck, he takes a chain and wraps it around one guy's neck. Then West pulls the chain so the bad guy is hanging, before West kicks him out of the spider. The other end of the chain is seen disappearing with the guy. But when the camera is switching back to West, the chain is seen on the right side, still moving upwards. (01:27:45)


Continuity mistake: When Will, who is black, is in the carriage, he is the only person on it. When you see a close up of the horses, you can see a white persons foot dangling from the carriage.

Continuity mistake: As the tank pulls out of the lagoon, it has no seaweed on it until it is fully out of the water.

Continuity mistake: When Kevin Kline hits Will Smith's metal collar after jumping in the mud, they become magnetised and Kevin's collar sticks above Will's. In the next scene Will's is on top.

Continuity mistake: In the cornfield scene before the flying razor discs are launched, Gordon's fingers change positions on a note he is holding as the scene cuts to different angles of West and Gordon.


Continuity mistake: Gordon's train dodges Loveless' train-tank shot by going around a bend. In the shot right after the dodge, we should see the bend that they just passed, but all we get is more straight tracks.

Continuity mistake: After the cornfield scene and the heroes fall into the mud river, their clothes and metal collars are seen to be covered in mud. In the next scene featuring them, their clothes are muddy but their metal ring collars are totally unmarked.

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