While You Were Sleeping

Continuity mistake: When Lucy and Jack are walking along the river, a long shot shows them approaching a lamppost with a kissing couple. In the next shot, they pass the lamppost but there is no one there. They finally pass the couple at the next lamppost. (00:46:55)


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Suggested correction: The couple is there. They are walking one lamppost before the couple in the long shot, and they are walking very slowly. In the close-up, it shows them just passing the lamppost before the couple. When they do pass the next lamppost, the couple is there as they were in the long shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Lucy is in the Callaghan's house at Christmas at the very end of the scene it shows her stocking and her name on it is in white letters. However, in the scene where Mary comes in and tells the family that Lucy is pregnant, the camera pans to Jack who is standing right beside Lucy's stocking, only this time her name is in black letters.

Audio problem: In the scene where Lucy first enters Peter's hospital room, you can hear a respirator, and he is not hooked up to one. Also, the respirator noise is much faster than an unconscious human should be breathing.

Continuity mistake: When Lucy and Jack are moving the couch into Peter's apartment, Lucy gets bumped and falls into a table, knocking over a vase of flowers. (This table and vase are located directly below a mask on the wall.) Earlier in the film, when Lucy enters Peter's apartment for the first time (to feed the cat) we see her slowly entering the living room in the same area where she later falls - the mask is there, but the table and vase of flowers are not.

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Suggested correction: When Lucy first enters the apartment, you can see the mask on the wall, however, they don't pan down far enough where you could see the table. However, when they show her with Jack behind her and the mask on the wall after she knocks over the vase, you cannot see the table either.

Continuity mistake: While Jack and Lucy are walking along the waterfront, she tells him that he '...just stepped in doggy poopie.' There is a long shot of the couple as Jack looks at his feet, and the sidewalk is spotlessly clean where they just walked.


Continuity mistake: In one of the hospital scenes she has her purse across her chest, then the camera goes back and it's hanging from her shoulder.

Factual error: When Lucy jumps off the platform to save Peter, and is trying to wake him, the oncoming train blows its whistle. However, the L-trains/subways in Chicago do not have whistles like ground locomotives do.

Continuity mistake: When Sandra Bullock is sitting on her bed looking at Peter Gallagher's things, she dumps a can of cat food out of a paper bag. She turns it over, and you can see that there is no pull tab on either side. When she goes to his apartment to feed the cat, she pops the can open, but she would've needed a can opener for a can without a pull tab.

Continuity mistake: In the Christmas family picture scene, the camera seen in Elsie's hand is a Brownie camera(35mm size). When picture is actually taken, she uses a flat type(110 size film) camera with a tall flash on it.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack comes home and sees Lucy asleep on the front couch, when he walks in the front door, there is a window in the door without a curtain. In the morning when Lucy goes to leave the house, the window has a curtain on it. When there isn't a curtain, you can still see the little metal things on the door where the curtain would hook in.

Continuity mistake: Peter Callaghan is in the hospital with amnesia after his accident. His old girlfriend from Portugal, Ashley Bartlett Bacon, comes to visit him. Peter tells Ashley that he's getting married to 'Lucy'. Ashley asks 'Lucy who', and Peter states that he can't remember her last name. A little bit later in the scene, Ashley leaves, and Lucy comes to visit him. Peter says: 'My family loves you, I might as well love you. Lucy Eleanor Moderatz, will you marry me'. He addresses Lucy by her first, middle, and last name, after just having told Ashley moments earlier that he couldn't remember her last name.

Continuity mistake: On New Year's Eve when Lucy leaves her apartment to go to her friend's party, she meets Jack. On the ground is a significant amount of snow. When she gets to her friend's house, there is no snow anywhere to be seen. When she leaves her friend's house with Jack and is walking down the street, the snow is back. (01:00:00 - 01:02:00)

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Continuity mistake: Sandra Bullocks' haircut keeps changing slightly throughout the whole film. Sometimes her fringe is very short and frizzy, other times it is long enough to tuck behind her ears.

Continuity mistake: When Lucy is talking to Mary through the booth window, there are bars across the window. But at the end of the movie, when she is again talking to Jack through the window, while his family look on, there are no bars across the window.

Character mistake: Lucy asks the hot dog man for the usual: mustard and Coke. She gets the hot dog but no Coke.

Continuity mistake: When Lucy goes to open the door, the globe lamp on the mantle is on. When she lets the visitor in, and they pass the same mantle, the globe lamp is just a globe and is not illuminated.

Continuity mistake: When Mary and Beth are standing outside Lucy's booth, there is a man waiting behind them. When Lucy lets them through the turnstile, somehow he has moved inside the gate to the right of the turnstile without going through it, and a woman is in his original position. (00:56:00)


Continuity mistake: After Lucy stops the wedding and tells Jack that she is in love with him, they show Jack smiling and looking down. Behind him over his left shoulder, a man with a mustache and beard has appeared. He is not at the chapel before when they show the wide picture of the chapel, and then he is never seen again. (01:33:00)

Lucy: You give up your seat every day in the train.
Peter: Well... But that's not heroic.
Lucy: It is to the person who sits in it.

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Trivia: The first version of the screenplay had the main roles gender swapped. It was deemed too "predatory" to have a woman in a coma and a man claiming to be in a relationship with her.

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Question: I've seen this movie a million times and I still can't figure out the whole "Peter having one testicle because another guy had a pencil in his back pocket because he was a lawyer while they were playing basketball" thing. I got that they were playing basketball but still, can someone please explain to me how Peter lost a testicle while playing a game? Thank you.

Answer: Peter was being boxed out by the other guy, so the other guy was putting his back against Peter's front. With a pencil sticking out of his back pocket, you can imagine how some damage might be done.

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