Weekend at Bernie's

Audio problem: When Gwen is getting hit on by the drunk guy who says "nice outfit", the lines for both drunks have been poorly dubbed over and don't match their mouths.


Audio problem: When Larry and Richard are hiding behind the couch when they hear gun shots, you see the gun making its way around the corner of the couch and when you hear the next gun shot, you can see that the kid holding the gun is not even squeezing the trigger.


Audio problem: When Richard falls off the boat, you hear him say "Why is this happening to me" but his lips never move.


Audio problem: When the two guys break out of the closet and run down the hallway, they're shouting at Richard and Larry, but their lips aren't moving.


Audio problem: After Bernie falls off the back of the boat, he hits the channel markers as they go past, ringing the bells at the top. The boat passes the last one, but the ring of the bell is too early. It took a second or two after passing for a bell to be rung for the previous markers. However, for the last one, it rings just as soon as they pass it. There aren't any other rings after that.

Continuity mistake: When Richard and Gwen are kissing on the beach, a big wave pushes Bernie alongside them and you can see them getting wet from the wave but in the very next scene of them walking back to the house, they are dry.


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Mugger: Give me your money! Your wallets!
Larry Wilson: Oh, get your ass out of here! It's too hot!

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Trivia: Bernie's two story house was built specifically for this movie at a state park in North Carolina, but was torn down right after filming, as per the agreement before filming.

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