Weekend at Bernie's

Corrected entry: Throughout, Richard, who is supposed to be young, single and living with his parents, can be seen wearing a wedding band.

Correction: This could have simply been a character choice, but it has nothing to do with a wedding band. At the time, Jonathan Silverman (the actor who plays Richard) was not married.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Bernie is driving the golf cart up next to the deck of his house you see a pole with street signs, but when they are pulling Bernie in the red wagon down the ramp to dump him into the golf cart the sign is completely gone.

Correction: The sign is there in the wagon scene. You see Larry drive the golf cart past it and it's behind the cart when loading Bernie in.


Corrected entry: Right before Bernie falls off the back of the boat, Larry looks back at him and sees that he's getting ready to fall off. He could have stopped him from falling off the boat.


Correction: Larry may not be thinking straight. Or he may be misjudging just how close Bernie is to falling out. Or maybe he's immature enough to think it would be funny - in fact, given what the movie shows us about Larry's personality, this is entirely possible (think about how relaxed he is when Bernie finally *does* fall out).

Corrected entry: When the hitman returns to kill Bernie for the last time, he shoots Bernie six times and the revolver is empty as expected. When he pulls out his other revolver to shoot the witnesses, he shoots seven times even though revolvers can only have six bullets. (01:29:00 - 01:32:00)

Correction: Many revolvers can hold more than six rounds, alot can hold eight and there are even a few that can hold ten.


Corrected entry: During the entire time of Larry and Richard moving Bernie around and even dropping him off the railing of the house his toupee never falls off.


Correction: There are adhesives that are more than strong enough to hold a toupee on through all of that. I know one guy who wears a toupee and can keep it on for days at a time with no problems.


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