Weekend at Bernie's

Continuity mistake: When Gwen is with Richard and sees Bernie and wants to go thank him, the various people standing behind them change when Richard yells "no!"


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Suggested correction: Incorrect, the camera is simply in a different place before and after the scream. Before Richard yells "no" there are two men, one in a black shirt, the other in white, near the left of the screen behind Richard and Gwen. These men can be seen after the scream, but on the right side of the screen. If the camera were to pan another 30° to the right you would see all the same people.

The camera isn't in a different location as the pool is in the same spot. But, there's a lot more than just 2 people who change, for example, before the scream there's about half a dozen people by the pool next to a guy in yellowish pants and black coat, but after those people are all gone and it's the man in black coat and 1 different woman.


Continuity mistake: Bernie's facial expression changes from the smile on his face when he first get injected with drugs to a smirk throughout the movie, to no expresssion and back again.


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Mugger: Give me your money! Your wallets!
Larry Wilson: Oh, get your ass out of here! It's too hot!

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Trivia: Bernie's two story house was built specifically for this movie at a state park in North Carolina, but was torn down right after filming, as per the agreement before filming.

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Question: Wouldn't it be against regulation for a house, especially of that size, to be built on a section of the beach that the tide would eventually come up to? A sturdy foundation is absolutely of the question with there being nothing but sand to build it on. When the tide came up to pull Bernie into the water, it definitely would've made contact with the house.

Answer: Yes it would, but Bernie was a greedy and selfish man, he would have bribed contractors and inspectors to get it built. He wanted to live the life of a big shot. Like "The Wolf of Wall Street."

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