The Watcher

The Watcher (2000)

Ending / spoiler

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Joel Campbell (James Spader) and David Allen Griffin (Keanu Reeves) finally meet and Griffin tells Campbell he has Polly (Marisa Tomei). They go to the warehouse where Griffin knocks out Campbell and begs him to thank him for killing the girls and saving his life from them. However, Campbell tells Griffin that he's paperwork for the years that Campbell worked for the FBI, however Griffin doesn't take pleasure and smacks Campbell in anger. Then when he goes to strangle Polly. Campbell distracts Griffin by telling him thank you and as Griffin walks over to hear it again. Campbell takes out a pen, stabbing Griffin in the neck and kicking him into a table with candles.

Campbell then shoots Griffin in the shoulder with Griffin's shotgun and rescues Polly as Griffin and the warehouse engulf in flames Polly and Campbell jump out of the window as an engulfed Griffin jumps out of the window after them and falls into the river below, dead.

Campbell turns Griffin's charred corpse over to make sure he's gone for good, as the police bring Campbell and Polly to safety.

Ethan Hunt

Continuity mistake: In the scene where James Spader meets Keanu Reeves in the graveyard, we first see a Ford Taurus taxi driving through the gates, but when Spader gets out, the taxi is now a Chevy Caprice.

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David Allen Griffin: Why did you turn away from me? Why was it so hard for you to accept? Cos you know I did it for you. You came so close to me that night. I remember what I felt when I heard your footsteps falling behind me. Pride. I thought it would keep us together forever. For me it was our finest moment. I can still see the flames.

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Question: When Joel and the police are talking about whether or not to go to the press about the first photo girl, why does Joel decide that a certain officer should deal with the press?

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