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Other mistake: After realising they can track the mother box, Batman says they have to go back to his base to use one of his satellites to track it, and they all do so. Which completely ignores the fact that Cyborg could easily access the satellite feed directly using his abilities and display it to the others on any nearby screen in Star Labs.

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Suggested correction: Just because he had many options available to him, does not mean that the option which he chose was wrong.

Other mistake: Barry comes back to his home, replaces the fuse in the fuse box, flips the handle (begs the question of why remove the fuse AND turn off the switch, but whatever), and within 2 seconds every screen in the place is lit up. Sure, a TV might come on that fast, but plenty of those screens are showing data, analysis, etc, running off computers, which would take longer than that to boot up and get everything running.

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Other mistake: Apparently, one of Aquaman's superpowers must be to be super-heavy, since surfing on the body of a parademon he lands on a five story building and that somehow slices the whole building in half, complete with explosions that leave him unscathed and don't turn the parademon's carcass into a pulp. (03:15:15)

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Other mistake: Before Wonder Woman bursts into the room with the terrorists there's a cut to the schoolgirls watching the bomb about to blow. The girl to the far left is actually cracking a laugh. You may justify it as a hysterical reaction (she does the same in the foreground when the baddie turns the key), but appearing just in brief moments and with her looking properly afraid in other shots, it just looks wrong. Whedon's version didn't feature the corpsing. (00:20:40 - 00:21:35)

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Other mistake: In this version, Queen Hippolyta whispers "Return to me, Diana" as she shoots the arrow, as opposed to "Listen to me, Diana" in Whedon's version. Whedon's line made sense, since it was a warning, this does not, since Diana never comes back to Themyscira nor she is supposed to, being busy thwarting the invasion in the Land of Men. There's no reason why the Queen would say that line. (00:43:10)

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Suggested correction: It wasn't the Queen telling Diana to come home at that moment, but a way of saying "survive the war." This would be like a mother telling her soldier son as he goes to war to return home.


Under normal circumstances yes, but in the WW movie (forgetting comic book canon) the Queen herself bids her farewell on the beach telling her that she can't come back if she leaves, and by every indication she has not in a century even if she was unhappy here. Ironically in the movie itself she "returns home" only when we see her dead! I know it's splitting hairs though, and I am swayed by the fact that in the other version this unnecessary contradiction was changed, for the better.

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Factual error: Martha Kent drives away from the foreclosed property. The realtor address is "Comanche, KS 66531", but that's the zip code of Riley, in Riley County. (00:14:45)

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Alfred Pennyworth: How do you know your team's strong enough? 'Cause if you can't bring down the charging bull, then don't wave the red cape at it.

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Trivia: Director Zack Snyder has a cameo at the coffee shop while Lois is outside of it.


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Question: I'm not a huge fan of DC, so I don't know much about any characters outside of Batman and his rogue's gallery. All the pictures I've seen of Steppenwolf from the comics show him to have a human appearance, with a goatee. Was his monstrous appearance in this film, and to a lesser extent the theatrical version, taken from the comics at all? If not, why drastically change the way the character looks?

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Chosen answer: In the comics Steppenwolf traditionally has a very human appearance. He is tall and muscular with tan skin, black hair, and a moustache and goatee. Some of Steppenwolf's animated appearances show him essentially the same but with grayish/green skin, giving him an appearance somewhat similar to the 2017 Justice League version. According to Zack Snyder, the version of Steppenwolf in the 2021 version of Justice League was purposefully designed way back during the filming of Batman vs. Superman as not just a threat to the Justice League, but to the entire planet, hence the monstrous appearance. Warner Brothers made Snyder tone down the design because, according to him, they felt it was too frightening and intense for a PG-13 film. The version of Steppenwolf in Snyder's film has a very alien appearance, with the character's signature horns being part of his physiology rather than a part of his battle helmet, an immensely muscled physique, and covered in spiked armor.


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