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This is a vast improvement over the theatrical version. It was nice to see characters like Cyborg and Flash get more lines and development, and much of the cringey humor and awful CGI are now gone.

However, the movie still suffers from trying to set up future storylines that in all likelihood will never come to fruition. Deathstroke's vendetta against Batman is given no context, and it is only made even more murky by the scene with the Joker.

Maybe these scenes make sense to hardcore DC fans, but to a casual viewer like myself, they are a little confusing.

There's also no good reason for this film to be 4 hours long. I'm not opposed to movies with long runtimes if the story justifies it, but in the case of this version of the film, the runtime is padded by excessive amounts of slow motion shots (which Zack Snyder uses as a crutch) and unnecessary moments, such as the scene where a few village women sing a song in tribute to Aquaman while one of them sniffs his sweater.

Phaneron Premium member

Factual error: Martha Kent drives away from the foreclosed property. The realtor address is "Comanche, KS 66531", but that's the zip code of Riley, in Riley County. (00:14:45)

Sammo Premium member

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Alfred Pennyworth: How do you know your team's strong enough? 'Cause if you can't bring down the charging bull, then don't wave the red cape at it.

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Trivia: The truck that crashes in Central City has the name Gard'Ner Fox on it. Gardner Fox was a writer for DC comics and also created The Flash, Hawkman and the Justice League.


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Answer: Martian Manhunter is played by Harry Lennix, who also plays General Swanwick, a character who appears in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman (and we can see he transforms back into Swanwick he leaves), revealing that Swanwick was Martian Manhunter the whole time, so the indication is he got to Earth before Man of Steel. He assumed Martha's identity to speak with Lois, specifically to have a heart to heart with her as she is depressed due to Clark's death. Martha is present every other time we see her, when she leaves the Kent home at the beginning and when she reunites with Clark later on. This scene was the only time Martian Manhunter used her identity.

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