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Plot hole: WW mentions that "As Darkseid waged war on Earth, he found a secret there", that being the Anti-life equation. But later on it turns out that after being defeated, planet Earth is so "anonymous among a trillion worlds" that he never manages to find it again and destroys another 100,000 worlds (his words!) to look for it again. That would mean that they lack any sort of navigation, and it's hardly possible anyway that the planet would be "anonymous" when it contains what Darkseid wants the most.

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Suggested correction: This is in the form of a question and should be uploaded as such. There are severl reasons to think why Darkseid couldn't find Earth.


The questions were rhetorical, but thanks to your comment I edited rephrasing it without any questioning ambiguity, since my interest is not much in hearing fan theories filling the gaps in the narration, but rather in pointing out the obvious contradiction where Darkseid is fully aware right from the start that the most important thing in the universe is on Earth, but can't find it again and conquers another thousands of worlds instead "still looking" for it.

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Earth was a random planet they attacked and on that random planet Darkseid found a secret, he didn't go there for the secret, he found it whilst there. I don't expect him to go into his ship and put a pin on a map to remember where the planet was in case they were defeated. They expected to win. In their retreat, their way to navigate back to Earth got lost. Perfectly reasonable. You don't know anything about Darkseid's way of conquering and also no idea on how they navigate from world to world.


You know he was not alone, he had an army with a whole slew of ships and subordinates, it takes a lot of suspension of disbelief to swallow the idea that they are conquering worlds going in totally blind and "conquer" worlds they can't ever visit again lacking any charting.They refer the Earth by name and know who their opponents are. An explanation would be also less stringent if Darkseid didn't learn about Anti-life at all and simply "moved on", but it's not the case.

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Plot hole: The heroes find Steppenwolf's base thanks to Cyborg's dad, who superheated the core of a Mother Box so it shows up on a thermal scanner. But the box itself wasn't emitting any heat on the outside, and a satellite can't magically infer the internal heat of an object if it's not conveyed to the surface. If Wayne has such precise satellite sensors, it would also spot a nuclear plant suddenly drained from radiation, and the intense energy (and heat) caused by Steppenwolf's activities.

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Suggested correction: It's impossible to know the exact effect that the laser had on the Mother Box, other than the fact that it was able to mark it in such a way that it could be tracked by Bruce's satellites.

Other mistake: Barry comes back to his home, replaces the fuse in the fuse box, flips the handle (begs the question of why remove the fuse AND turn off the switch, but whatever), and within 2 seconds every screen in the place is lit up. Sure, a TV might come on that fast, but plenty of those screens are showing data, analysis, etc, running off computers, which would take longer than that to boot up and get everything running.

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Wonder Woman: You said the age of heroes would never come again.
Bruce Wayne: It will. It has to.

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Trivia: The truck that crashes in Central City has the name Gard'Ner Fox on it. Gardner Fox was a writer for DC comics and also created The Flash, Hawkman and the Justice League.


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Question: I'm not a huge fan of DC, so I don't know much about any characters outside of Batman and his rogue's gallery. All the pictures I've seen of Steppenwolf from the comics show him to have a human appearance, with a goatee. Was his monstrous appearance in this film, and to a lesser extent the theatrical version, taken from the comics at all? If not, why drastically change the way the character looks?

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Chosen answer: In the comics Steppenwolf traditionally has a very human appearance. He is tall and muscular with tan skin, black hair, and a moustache and goatee. Some of Steppenwolf's animated appearances show him essentially the same but with grayish/green skin, giving him an appearance somewhat similar to the 2017 Justice League version. According to Zack Snyder, the version of Steppenwolf in the 2021 version of Justice League was purposefully designed way back during the filming of Batman vs. Superman as not just a threat to the Justice League, but to the entire planet, hence the monstrous appearance. Warner Brothers made Snyder tone down the design because, according to him, they felt it was too frightening and intense for a PG-13 film. The version of Steppenwolf in Snyder's film has a very alien appearance, with the character's signature horns being part of his physiology rather than a part of his battle helmet, an immensely muscled physique, and covered in spiked armor.


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