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Corrected entry: The lava flowing through the Red Line train tunnel was under very high pressure. Why didn't it erupt out of the access shaft that they used to lower the camera down into the tunnel, and for that matter, out of all the other access shafts as well?

Correction: The point at which the lava finally erupted was the end of the tunnel. Listen to Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche's dialogue as they're racing back to the hospital.

Corrected entry: When the lava is flowing down the streets, all the glass in the buildings shatter. At that heat, the gas would melt not shatter. The temperature that is used to melt and mould glass is a lot less than the temp of the lava flow.

Correction: The glass is shattering from the shock of the sudden air temperature change. It would be unlikely to melt instantly unless it was much closer to the lava.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Anne Heche and Tommy Lee Jones are hanging on the fire ladder above the lava stream, the fire hose on the ladder starts to burn. Why not Tommy's and Anne's clothes? They are even closer to the lava than the hose.

Correction: One of the firefighters was moving the ladder to Tommy and Anne, when it got caught in a fire (I think it was from a car) that's why the hose was on fire, and the ladder was beginning to melt and bend.

Corrected entry: When the co-star Anne Heche goes to check out the flow of the lava in the red line tunnel she goes to a payphone and calls Tommy Lee Jones' cellphone but his cell phone burned up in his car. The phone she calls him on is a phone that he took from a news reporter. So how did she get his number to call him.

Correction: Mike changed the number on the cell phone to his number, wrote it down on paper, and gave it to Amy in case of another emergency.

Continuity mistake: When the female nurse is in her 4x4 vehicle, she looks in her mirror and sees two fire trucks. In the far away shot the first fire engine overtakes her, then when it cuts back to her it's overtaking her again. (00:34:30)

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Amy: Sometimes magma can find one of those fissures and rise up through it.
Roark: What's magma?
Rachel: Lava.
Roark: Lava? Right here in L.A?
Amy: It is one of the possibilities.
Roark: We have a history of that here in the downtown area?
Rachel: Paricutin... 1943, a Mexican farmer sees smoke coming out of the middle of his cornfield. A week later there's a volcano a thousand feet high. There's no history of anything until it happens. Then there is.

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Trivia: The lava was primarily made of methylcellulose, the thickening agent used in fast-food milkshakes, and the ash was made mostly of ground newspaper.

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