Dismissed (2017)


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Mr. Butler: I'm sorry to tell you this, but your son threatened me.
Mr. Ward: What did he say, exactly?
Mr. Butler: Well, he uh... just he was using a book as a metaphor.
Mr. Ward: So, you came here to tell me my son...what? Assaulted you with a poem?


Detective Speck: All grades are final.

Mr. Sheldon: All grades are final.

Chris: Are you telling me to shut up?

Lucas' Dad: It was as if he was practicing being human. Sad. He always had trouble with that one.

Lucas Ward: I always find a book that much more compelling when the character stands to lose everything.

Character mistake: It is highly unlikely that the recipient of Mr. Butler's application for the professorship position would not only call him so soon, but ask him to come to her office right away (where she would humiliate him for the things he wrote in his essay on "qualities that make me a good teacher"). Moreover, her failure to listen to Mr. Butler and give due consideration to his assertion that someone else actually wrote those offensive things showed poor judgment, especially since she knew the person who referred Mr. Butler and spoke highly of him. Someone tampering with his application would make more sense than believing that Mr. Butler actually wrote those things that criticized the very college he was applying to and boasted so much about himself. That Mr. Butler was not able to say more to make his point believable is also problematic. He is an English teacher, so should have the vocabulary and mastering of techniques to make a convincing argument, but he failed to defend himself.


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Trivia: Lucas told Mr. Butler that his mother died when he was very young. Assuming this is true, when his dad asked him, "Is there anything you want me to tell your mother for you?" his father was planning on committing suicide or believed Lucas was going to kill him. (The empty prescription bottles suggest suicide). (01:12:48)


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