Dismissed (2017)

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Continuity mistake: Mr. Butler returned the paper Lucas wrote ("A Defense of Iago"), but it is back in his home office when he uses it to highlight words in it that were also in the paper he believed Lucas substituted in his application to fill a professorship position. (00:35:37)


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Suggested correction: After watching the movie on a larger screen, it appears Lucas may have left his "B+" report on his desk in the classroom - a black cover page can be seen vertical to his desk and behind the seat in front. This means that Mr. Butler had the opportunity to take the report home again. [00:26:33].


Continuity mistake: Lucas received his mid-term grades in the mail BEFORE Mr. Butler actually entered his grade on the computer. Lucas got the mail and took his unopened grade report to his bedroom then the camera shifts to Mr. Butler contemplating what grade to fill in for Lucas. Mr. Butler made the entry (grade not shown) and closed his laptop. The camera returns to Lucas, who opens his mid-term grade report and sees the "F" from Mr. Butler. (00:51:21)


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Detective Speck: All grades are final.

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Trivia: The "Iowa State University of Art and Science" / "Master of Literature" diploma on Mr. Butler's home office wall contains some blatant errors, suggesting it might have been an on-line "fake diploma" purchase from FakeDiplomamall.com, FastDiploma.com, or similar website. An example shown on these websites is for Science and Technology and it appears someone did not know the proper substitutions to submit - "Liberal Arts and Sciences" and "Master of English" (with Literature Specialization). (00:27:30)


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