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Free Guy (2020)


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Guy: I'm not gonna be the good guy... I'm gonna be the great guy.
Molotov Girl: Whoa, enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity.

Guy: He's just resting.
Buddy: In pieces! That man is dead!
Guy: He's so sleepy.

Guy: He's just resting.
Buddy: In pieces! That man is dead.
Guy: He's so sleepy.

Guy: Millie, how many times a day are the banks robbed in your world?
Molotov Girl: Hardly ever, Guy.
Guy: What about corpses, Millie? Do ya see a lot of those? How many an hour?
Molotov Girl: None per hour, Guy.
Guy: What about gun violence? See a lot of gun violence in your world?
Molotov Girl: Actually, that's a big problem, Guy, it's a massive problem.
Guy: [Pauses] I didn't see that coming.
Millie: It's true, it really sucks.

Molotov Girl: Sometimes I forget not everyone you meet on here is a sociopathic man-child.

Molotov Girl: Is that a Glock in your pocket?
Guy: No...
Molotov Girl: What?
Guy: It's two Glocks.

Mouser: Loose the skin!
Guy: Loose...? Wha.? How am I supposed to get rid of my skin?
Mouser: Take it off, man. Just take it off. What are you doing?
Guy: What?
Keys: Seriously.
Mouser: The whole thing: the face, the outfit, everything.
Guy: How?
Mouser: Ditch it! If you don't, we're gonna kill you.
Guy: Why?
Keys: And we're gonna KEEP killing you.
Guy: Still why?
Mouser: Until we do find out who you are, and then we're going to ban you for life!
Guy: OK. I WANT to comply. I just find the order of those threats very confusing.

Revenjamin Buttons: Mom! Do not touch that sock! I swear to God if you touch that sock you will be in therapy for the rest of your life! No! It's my special sock! Put it down!

Guy: I love you, Millie. Now maybe that's just my programming talking, but guess what? Somebody wrote that program. I'm just a love letter to you. Somewhere out there is the author.

Millie: He kissed me!
Keys: There's not a button for that!
Millie: Oh, he found the button!

Plot hole: When Guy kisses her, she questions how he did it - stating no "kiss" function existed in the game. However, later on after the reboot she proceeds to kiss him (rather than him kiss her).

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Suggested correction: As one of the principal developers of the simulation engine, Millie recognizes that Guy is a non-player character (NPC) who merely obeys a loop of coded actions, and he's supposedly incapable of acting outside of his code. So, she means that NPCs can't just arbitrarily kiss players. Players can do whatever they want, but NPCs are mindless robots. At that point, however, she doesn't realise that Guy's Artificial Intelligence has evolved to independent self-awareness, allowing him to act outside of his code.

Charles Austin Miller

Key's actually says "There isn't a button for that" when Millie brings it up. There would be no way for her to initiate, as her in game actions would be limited to the controls offered.

By the time Millie kisses Guy, we know that the Free City simulation engine was already undergoing Artificial Intelligence evolution, essentially rewriting its own code, allowing Guy (and other NPCs) to achieve independent self-awareness. It follows that Free City was probably rewriting its player code, as well, making all sorts of new and startling functions possible for players and NPCs alike.

Charles Austin Miller

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Trivia: While Guy fights with Dude, there is kid with a red shirt watching the game. Behind his back there is a Deadpool poster, another Ryan Reynolds movie.


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Answer: The movie was completely finished over a year ago. It was the pandemic that delayed it. So it was the finished product that was released.

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