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Free Guy is a fun, fast, positive and action-packed romantic fantasy science fiction comedy mash-up about a non-player character named Guy (affectionately played by Ryan Reynolds) who finds out that there's a larger world out there and he's just a small part of a modern, violent video game. He falls in love with player and game designer Molotov Girl/Millie (Jodie Comer), who's trying to find proof that the underlying, nearly forgotten game is more peaceful. Together they fight to save the peaceful world game and bring down the baddies-mostly Antwan (Taiki Waititi), CEO. There's a message about love, hope and never giving up amid the explosions and noise, and there's some funny moments in there as well to entertain everyone. See and smile!

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: Near the start during the 1st bank raid, his hands change position while lying down on the ground talking to the guard.


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Guy: He's just resting.
Buddy: In pieces! That man is dead!
Guy: He's so sleepy.

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Trivia: In one scene, a power-up is just barely visible in the background. It's a bottle marked "Subtle Product Placement." If you look very closely, you can actually see that it's a bottle of Aviation American Gin. Star Ryan Reynolds partially owns a stake in that brand of gin, and has made numerous humorous videos online promoting it.


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Question: Why does the tank point at Guy when he asks for a cappuccino? The cop says, "someone's getting shot" as if the game will kill him if he doesn't follow his code, but we know that's not the case. (00:09:12)

Answer: The cops are there to enforce the rules of the game and Guy's not following them. In GTA-type games like Free City, when you get Wanted, every cop in the game knows right where you are. This is playing on that.

Captain Defenestrator

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