Universal Soldier

Plot hole: When Luc and Veronica escape from the motel, they pass by an old lady reading a newspaper. Given that 4 soldiers have been bombing the place for the last 10 minutes it is totally idiotic to think that the old lady would be calmly sitting in the middle of the chaos.


Plot hole: Luc can break Lundgren's muscled arm but is unable to break his own handcuffs.


Plot hole: Despite the prison truck driver being dead, the truck manages to stay straight on the road and make fast turns.


Plot hole: At the gas station exploding scene, we see van Damme and the reporter getting in the car and drive off. Just after van Damme and the reporter drive off, we see Lundren get up from the rear seats to try to strangle van Damme. Why would Lundren be there when firstly, they had no idea van Damme took the chip out of his leg, and secondly, after realising they had been set up, they had n idea where van Damme or the reporter would be at that stage. (00:51:54 - 00:52:30)


Continuity mistake: In the hotel scene when Van Damme is crashing through walls to escape the other Universal Soldiers who are shooting from outside, one shot from the inside of the room shows him hitting the wall with his left shoulder, but when the camera goes into the next room to show him coming through that wall, he is breaking through with his right shoulder. (00:39:35)

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Scott: Say good night, asshole.
Luc: Good night, asshole.

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