Universal Soldier

Other mistake: The Unisols are said to have been dropped into the water a mile and a half away from the dam. But, when they arrive, the three that you see are completely dry. Their hair isn't wet, and neither are their outfits. Scott has some on him, but that's most likely sweat because he's in the sun.

Other mistake: When Dolph Lundren shoots his boss he shoots him through his glasses in his eye. However the guys lens never breaks. His glasses fill up from the inside with blood. (00:52:50)

Other mistake: When Scott is pulling the other Unisols through the store and asks the kid where the freezer is, the kid is using a staple gun instead of a pricing gun like he should.

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Suggested correction: He's not pricing items. The kid is using the staple gun to re-seal a cardboard box. He is shown trying to close the lid and using the staple gun to seal the box when he encounters Scott.


Other mistake: When Lundgren throws a grenade at a Vietnamese woman, although the camera is always focused on her, the grenade is never seen falling. There's just a sudden explosion next to a bunch of bushes and debris, most surely where the pyrotechnics were hidden.

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Other mistake: Devereux and Scott are sent after the reporter to apprehend her. Only problem with that is moments before they were sent to go get her, they were naked having their injections, there wasn't enough time for them to have kitted up and gone after her with any hope of catching her.


Continuity mistake: In the hotel scene when Van Damme is crashing through walls to escape the other Universal Soldiers who are shooting from outside, one shot from the inside of the room shows him hitting the wall with his left shoulder, but when the camera goes into the next room to show him coming through that wall, he is breaking through with his right shoulder. (00:39:35)

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Scott: Say good night, asshole.
Luc: Good night, asshole.

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