Unforgiven (1992)

Ending / spoiler

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After killing the first cowboy, Ned (Freeman) breaks down and decides to leave Will (Eastwood) and The Schofield Kid (Woolvett). While riding away, Little Bill's (Hackman) boys catch Ned and question him. The Schofield Kid kills the second cowboy. He also breaks down and admits that it was the first person he ever killed and that he was lying before. When receiving the money, one of the whores tells Will that Ned was killed and used for a sign in front of Greely's Bar. This infuriates Will. He travels to the bar, where he shoots Smokey, the owner of the bar. Will gets in a shootout with Little Bill and his men. One of Bill's men gets away. W.W. Beauchamp (Rubinek) pretends to have an interest in what Will just did and angers Will. Little Bill who survived being shot the first time, tries to shoot Will again, but fails. Will executes him with a bullet to the head. Will threatens the town's people as he leaves. The final epilogue states that Will moved to San Francisco with his children, and that there was no mark on Claudia Feathers' grave explaining to her mother why she married Will, a murderer with a dark and intemperate disposition.

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