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Corrected entry: The scene on the train features some dialogue implying the assassination of James Garfield, President of the United States, by Charles J. Guiteau. However, the assassination took place in 1881; the film takes place in 1880.

Correction: The film starts in 1880 but most of the acton is in the following year 1881, when Garfield was shot.


Corrected entry: The white horse that Eastwood rides is stallion, not a mare (look carefully).

Correction: This must be linked to something else in the movie in order for it to be a mistake. The fact that it is a stallion would not be an error unless it is speciffically mentioned somewhere in the film that it is a mare. Where is the mistake?

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the final gun fight Clint Eastwood shoots the deputy in the off yellow shirt standing next to "the fat man" in the upper stomach. The deputy does not seem to notice this and keeps firing. In the next scene he appears to be shot again and falls dead, only one bullet hole is visible. (01:57:34)

Correction: That's because the first shot missed. That's why Eastwood's character shot at him again.


Corrected entry: Right after Little Bill beats the tar out of English Bob, Bob falls unconscious. Little Bill then proceeds to yell at everyone standing around. While he is yelling, watch closely in the background (bottom right of the screen) and you will notice the unconscious English Bob moving and looking directly at the camera waiting for a "cut."

Correction: Bob is slipping in and out of consciousness. As for what he's "waiting for", that's an assumption on your part. Most people in his position would lie as still as possible to avoid being beaten more.


Corrected entry: During the final scene, there is a thunderstorm happening as Will rides into town and then proceeds to kill Little Bill and the rest. Although there is very loud thunder, there is never any lightning.

Correction: Sometimes, thick cloud between the lightning and the observer can mask the flashes even though the thunder is heard. In addition, if the storm is distant, the time delay between the flash and the thunder becomes so great that succeeding strikes overlap. Then it becomes almost impossible to relate the thunder to any particular flash.


Corrected entry: Eastwood is visiting the grave of his wife. On the gravestone it reads "Born March 1840....died August 1878...aged 29 years." But that would be 38 years.

Correction: Claudia's gravestone is accurate. It says she was born in 1849 (not 1840) and died in 1878, making her 29 years old. The glare almost hides part of the 9, making it appear to be a small zero.


Corrected entry: When Morgan Freeman sews up Eastwood's eye, he sews up the right side and after it's done, it's the left eye.

Correction: Clints character has cuts on both sides of his face sewn up by Morgan Freeman, but you only see him stitch up one.


Revealing mistake: In the jail scene, Gene Hackman is reading from a book. When he turns the book too far towards the camera you catch a glimpse of his lines on brighter white paper attached inside the book.

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Bill Munny: You better bury Ned right, and don't go cuttin' up... Nor otherwise harm no whores, or I'll come back and kill every one of you sons-a-bitches.

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Trivia: The movie is supposedly set in early summer (July 4th and thereabout) yet autumn leaves, and at one time a morning snowfall, are seen throughout the film. The movie was actually filmed in southern Alberta during September and October.

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Question: Why was Little Bill so protective of the two cowboys that had bounties on their heads? And why was he so vengeful when they were both killed? He didn't know them.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: I think Little Bill takes offense to this sort of thing taking place in his town on his watch. He tells Mr. Beauchamp while he is writing his biography something like, "I do not like assassins, or men of low character."

Answer: Little Bill wanted to be sure that the cowboys would live at least long enough to pay compensation to the owner of the saloon/brothel for disfiguring one of the prostitutes; Bill became furious when the cowboys were killed because they would never be able to make good on their agreement of compensation.


The cowboys bring in their ponies and pay off their debt early in the film. "Davey Boy" even brings in an extra pony especially for Delilah, which he calls the "best in the lot." (Which the other whores promptly reject and begin throwing dung at them). Both cowboys are killed long after they pay their debt to Skinny.

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