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Corrected entry: Dane needed the train to be moving to cloak his satellite, but the entire braintrust of the military, and Casey Ryback, didn't think to simply cut power to the third rail to stop the train.

Ray Gordon 9827

Correction: It's not an electric train. It's pulled by diesel engines.

Thomas Norris

Corrected entry: In the same scene where Penn's henchmen find out that Ryback is on top of the front carriage, the men in that carriage start firing at him. Under fire from the bad guys, Ryback pulls out a machine gun and fires back. Where the hell does Ryback get this gun from? Before he approaches the carriage you clearly see him carrying no other weapon besides his pistol. He has killed two bad guys before this and may have taken their weapons, but you never see the machine gun on him when he is under fire. Magically he pulls one out and fires back.

Correction: Ryback grabs the gun from the black guy's hand.

Correction: He actually got the machine gun from the first guy he killed.

Corrected entry: It doesn't make sense that Penn would shoot at the black suspension wires to break them off the train. His own men were originally on them to get to Ryback (who was barely hanging on the side of the cliff), and Penn never knew Ryback killed his men or that he was now the one now hanging on the wire.

Correction: Bear in mind that Penn wasn't above killing his own men. He shot the guy who was on fire and later took out the mercenary who felt Penn screwed up. In other words he's determined to see the mission succeed regardless of any collateral. He suspects there are still people on the ropes and by shooting the ropes, he is eliminating the Ryback threat and not wasting time waiting for his own people to return.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: When the two trains crash into each other at the end if you look closely you will see that Ryback's train is derailed before it actually hits, causing the other train to hit it on the side, rather than the front. (01:33:50)

Correction: It isn't derailed at all and they do hit head on.

Corrected entry: In the scene were Ryback jumps from the rock back onto the train, he lands on his feet and doesn't fall back. In actuality, with the train traveling even just 30-40 mph, and facing the way he was, Ryback would be slammed on his back instantaneously when he his feet first touched the train. Ryback would have to be running along on the rocks at approximately the same speed of the train before he jumped, in order to land on the train and keep his feet.

Correction: He does fall backwards but gets up very quickly. If you slow the film down you will see it.

Corrected entry: How does a portable radar device inside a metal moving train in the mountains detect an F-117 stealth fighter, which has a radar cross section the size of a bumble-bee?

Correction: The F-117 is not detected by a radar device on the train, it is detected by the satellite above. It detected the F-117's by the air disturbed by their passage.

The air disturbance stuff was done after they knew the Stealths were coming. There is no solid indication as to how they detected the stealths. Someone is looking out of the window or at a monitor and says there is "an intermittent signal coming in, very faint." Penn identifies them as F-117's. Stealths." With such limited information, we are forced to accept that they have "something" on the train that can detect them, unlikely as it may be.


Corrected entry: When Ryback enters his message about the train being hijacked into his PDA he FAXes it to the Mile High Cafe. However, listed immediately before the Mile High Cafe on the PDA's phone list is Seal TAC. It's implied early in the movie that Ryback is now a Lieutenant in the SEALs. Wouldn't it make more sense to send a message of a hijacked train to the SEALs instead of a restaurant?

Correction: All things considered, the Seal TAC listing might be a fake in order to throw off anyone who would happen to get a hold of his PDA.

Corrected entry: When Ryback enters his message about the train being hijacked into his PDA he faxes it to the Mile High Cafe and signs it Ryback. When the cook at the cafe gets the fax there is no signature on it.


Correction: Penn actually cut the power in mid-transmission.

When Penn picks up the tablet, we see the "Transmitting" bar complete, and then a message stating "Transmission Successful." There is no indication that he interrupted the process.


Corrected entry: Captain Garza is a Navy Captain, and an aide to the Admiral in Under Siege I, which takes place some 3 years earlier. In U/SII, he is still a Captain, and still an aide to the Admiral (highly unlikely that his tour of duty would last 3 years), while Casey Rybeck has gone from being an enlisted E-7 to becoming a commissioned officer, and promoted at least one pay grade.

Correction: Ryback had also single-handedly stopped a bunch of terrorists and saved a US battleship from falling into enemy hands. Surely that would merit some form of reward, such as a hefty promotion?


You still can't go from E-7 to O3 in three years. Also, Ryback is supposed to be retired by this time as an LT. There is a picture of him and his niece that he said was five years old, and he is an LT in that picture too.

Continuity mistake: After the train comes to a complete and lurching stop, the porter is shown being thrown forward into the bad guys as a lot of baggage falls all over the place. In the final fight scene as Ryback is entering the dining car, all the tables have all their place settings perfectly intact.

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Trivia: When the satellite destroys the fertiliser plant in China we see a 2 second shot of a steel tower collapsing into a ball of flames. This exact shot was used in one of Steven Segal's other films: On Deadly Ground.

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Question: Approx 10-11 minutes into the movie a couple (male and female air force officers) rendezvous in a compartment on a passenger train. There is a song playing on a small portable radio during the meeting. Can you id the artist and song?


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