Under Siege 2
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Penn: I want every available man to resume a full train search, inside and out, car by car, including all AC ducting, all panelling, the roof, undercarriage, absolutely everything, right now!

Travis Dane: Boom. Earthquake in mid-air.
Penn: That is the goddamndest thing I've ever seen.

Bobby Zachs: The only thing I got in my pocket, man, is your ass!

Travis Dane: I was smarter than all of you before I worked there. I was smarter than all of you while I worked there. And I'm still smarter than all of you.

Mercenary: Something's coming in. Intermittent signals, very faint.
Penn: F-117s. Stealths.
Travis Dane: They found us! Casey Fucking Ryback.
Penn: Shoot 'em down.
Travis Dane: I'd have to unlock Grazer from Washington. I don't have the transponder numbers! I can't target them! They'd kill all the hostages.

Casey Ryback: You think this is being shot? This ain't being shot.

Casey Ryback: Is this your lunch?

Bobby Zachs: I shouldn't have got back on this fuckin' train.

Sarah Ryback: You take one more step and I'm dropping this grenade.
Travis Dane: Ok... then drop it.

Travis Dane: They fired me! Broke into my lab! Confiscated everything! Told me the technology was NON-ESSENTIAL! Well they wanted it! They're gonna GET IT.

David Trilling: They said you were dead.
Travis Dane: Yeah, very restful, no phone calls. Now you two have been very naughty. atac has strict rules about employees becoming involved with each other.
David Trilling: Is that what this is about?
Travis Dane: Ugh, yeah, right! I uh... faked my own death and hijacked a passenger train because I care about who YOU'RE fucking! No, I was just wondering what other rules you might be willing to break.

Casey Ryback: Nobody beats me in the kitchen.

Casey Ryback: What am I doing? Oh, I'm making a bomb.

Factual error: When the porter first gets ready to shoot at the terrorists (after Ryback falls off the train) he goes through a series of verbal instructions to remind himself what to do. The very first thing he says is "safety off". The problem is that the gun he is using is a Glock pistol. Glocks use a device called a "safe-action trigger" but they don't have a manual safety that you turn on and off.

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Trivia: When the satellite destroys the fertiliser plant in China we see a 2 second shot of a steel tower collapsing into a ball of flames. This exact shot was used in one of Steven Segal's other films: On Deadly Ground.

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