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Corrected entry: At the part when they are driving in the car (near the climax scene of the big tornado) the weather radio in the car is issuing alerts about the big "F5" tornado on the ground nearby. That is a huge mistake, because there is no way to know that until a survey is done of the tornado damage afterwards. Only then can a tornado be called an "F5" or "F3".

Correction: More of a character mistake than a movie mistake. The radio anouncer probably knew it was a huge twister and incorrectly pronounced it an "F5" before it could be correctly classified later.

Mad Ade

Correction: Announcer was Gary England; who is a very well known meteorologist out of Oklahoma.

Corrected entry: The volume of Jo and Bill's voices changes in the scene where he tries to stop picking up the Dorothy sensors that a tornado has already destroyed. When they're in the truck, they're loud probably because their dialogue was recorded in a studio later. When they're outside their voices aren't as loud because they were in the location.

Correction: It's common in movies for audio - especially dialogue - to be boosted or lowered depending on the needs of the scene. (Ex. In this case, the voice-over audio being boosted while they're in the car so the audience can hear them when they wouldn't otherwise be able to - we're basically hearing the conversation in the car from outside.) A filmmaking tactic such as this can't really be counted as a mistake because it's a common and necessary requirement in filmmaking in order to convey the dialogue, and is used countless times in just about every film. Nothing about it is technically a "mistake" per se.


Correction: People's voices changing volume isn't really a mistake because it can easily just be that they stopped speaking as loudly for any reason.


Continuity mistake: When they're in the town with the drive-in movie, we see Melissa in her motel room crawling up onto the bed towards her pillow. You can see she has shoes on but no socks. We see her twirling her engagement ring around on her finger, then see her use the remote to turn the TV off. She watches the curtains blow for a minute and then she walks out of her motel room. She has on white socks. Then as she runs to grab Billy's hand, she has on black socks.

Sheri Hartman

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Aunt Meg: He didn't keep his part of the bargain, did he?
Jo: Which part?
Aunt Meg: To spend his life pining for you, and die miserable and alone.
Jo: Is that too much to ask?

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Trivia: The oil tank truck that narrowly misses Bill and Jo's truck during the final tornado sequence bears the logo of the "Benthic Petroleum" company, a fictional company that also appeared in James Cameron's "The Abyss". The same special effects company worked on both films.


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Question: When Jo and Bill seek shelter in a barn and see a lot of sharp objects, Jo asks, 'Who are this people?' and Bill replies, 'I don't think so!' Is there supposed to be some meaning to this?

Answer: No double meanings. Jo just sees the lethal-looking farm equipment (which is ordinary equipment that many farmers have) and in her panicked state wonders who would have such dangerous things in their barn, as though they were serial killers or something. Bill's "I don't think so!" just means they're not hiding in the barn where they could get impaled or decapitated at any second.


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