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Corrected entry: When Truman and his best friend are driving golf balls from uncompleted bridge, his friend hits a golf ball. After the ball is hit, the camera returns to friend as he has completed his shot, but the golf ball he just hit is still on the tee. (00:10:05)

Correction: Incorrect. After Marlon hits the ball, the camera angle changes to an overhead shot. We can see the tee as a white spot on the grass; I think the poster is confusing the tee with the ball.


Corrected entry: When Truman sees his father for the first time in the street, he has just bought a newspaper and magazine. When he runs after his father he throws the magazine and paper up and runs, yet when he stops because the bus has driven off he is holding the paper and magazine under his arm. (00:15:20)

Correction: Actually Truman doesn't drop the newspaper and magazine - he only drops a couple of pages from the newspaper. He is still holding the paper and the magazine before he tries to get on the bus. You can see that he is still holding them after he crashes into the man in the checked shirt and beige pants and the man on the bike.

Corrected entry: Regarding the staircase that Truman ascends to freedom - how did it get there without Truman, or the viewers, having noticed it before? It is within walking distance of where he was just sailing. Shouldn't it have been in view before?

Correction: He sailed for a very long time to get there. No, it would not have ever been visible.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Given the nature of Truman's "world," many instances of "crew or equipment visible" may not be movie mistakes and may be Cristoph's mistake.


Correction: Far too obvious to be considered trivia. In fact these "mistakes" are a plot point in the film.

Corrected entry: Director Peter Weir filmed in the 1.66:1 ratio to make it feel more like a television show.

Correction: I bought the 2006 collectors edition special and at the back it says he filmed in a 1:78:1 aspect ratio, it may be different for other versions but it says this on mine.


Corrected entry: The shots of Truman's early life show him as a fetus on day 1, and then toddling on a beach on day 125. Even if day 1 had been the day of his birth, which, going by the development of the fetus, it isn't, he would only have been about 4 months old in the latter shot. Babies generally don't start walking until around the age of 8 to 12 months.

Correction: There are no captions on the mentioned scenes, and no such captions reading Day 1 or Day 125 exist in the film.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When they resume transmission after Truman is found on the sea, they cut to a shot of the man sitting in the bathtub. He sits up and appears to turn a knob on the edge of the tub. There is nothing there.

Correction: Looking at the scene, I don't see anything wrong. While it's strange, it is in no way a mistake.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Seahaven is supposed to be set right behind the Hollywood sign in Hollywood, California. Yet when the camera zooms out away from the dome it shows a shot of the South-East Los Angeles region - about 20 miles from Hollywood.

Correction: Seahaven is also HUGE. Remember, it's a fully-functioning community. When you consider the man-made ocean, it could easily be that large.

Corrected entry: Given that there is a clear difference with "hidden cameras" showing a ring around the outside of the screen, there are a number of shots that would not have been possible given the angles and location where the camera moves around the actors. The best example is when Truman freaks out on his "wife" and they move into the living room and you see a camera following them around the room when it's only the two of them.

Correction: The movie is not made from the point of view of all the hidden cameras. If it were, we would never see the people in the bar, the people at home reacting, the "director" making decisions etc... The various "hidden camera" shots are only inserted into the film to show that he is truly being watched everywhere. The film itself is filmed normally, because it's *about* a show that watches Truman 24/7, not the show itself.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When Truman is looking in his rear vision mirror he can predict that the woman on the bike, the man with flowers and the Volkswagen Beetle will all come by, in that order. However, the Beetle can go a lot faster than the man with flowers, and if they were all going around on a loop, the Beetle would pass by a few times before the man with flowers came by again.


Correction: And he's taken all that into account, merely noting that the VW comes past, say, 5 times before the cyclist does one loop. Or, the director of The Truman Show has decided that should always be the order, so the VW waits around the corner until his cue.


Corrected entry: Truman is so scared of water that he cannot even drive over a bridge without having a paralysing panic attack. But he and his friend have their long, deep and meaningful talk while sitting on the edge of an unfinished bridge - directly above the visible (and audible) water course over which the bridge is being built.

Correction: Like any mistake that relies on what a person could or couldn't do is generally more opinionated rather than fact. While Truman was afraid of water we don't know to what extent. When he had his panic attacks before driving over the bridge and catching the boat he knew he was going to have to go over water. This is different from sitting near water and having no intention of going over it or going near it. We also see from other instances that he had no trouble being near to water, such as his trips to the beach.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Christophe has complete control of the weather in Truman's world - he even uses a storm to try to stop Truman sailing to the edge of the set. Truman is in an un-powered sailboat. It goes where the wind blows it, nowhere else. Why didn't Christophe simply have the wind blow him back to shore?

Correction: Character mistake, not movie mistake. In addition, sail boats sail in any direction. Using your logic, every sail boat always goes out to sea never to return.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: When Truman goes postal and drives through the fire across the road, the car is filled with smoke yet they can say their lines flawlessly. That kind of an irritant would've sent them both into a coughing fit.

Correction: Since the whole fire scene was staged to keep Truman from going beyond it, they most likely used a substance that would be safe for Truman and the "actors".

They use soybean oil, which looks like thick smoke but can breathed in easily without any effect. We use it for search and rescue training as firefighters.


Corrected entry: In the scene with Lauren/Sylvia on the beach, Truman is already wearing his wedding ring. (00:26:10)

Correction: He could be wearing a ring for any number of reasons.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: When Christof touches the huge screen with the image of Truman sleeping, his hand casts a shadow. However, the only light source in the control room is the screen itself. This reveals that the scene was composited using a blue screen.

rabid anarchist

Correction: The screen is not the only light source in the room. There is actually plenty of light in the room. You can even see a bit of light reflecting off Christof's head. In the wide shot of the control room you can see the light for the musician and light illuminating the walls.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Truman is in his office for the first time, calling Fiji directory assistance, there is a "magic eight ball" on his desk. If you look closely into it you can see a reflection/shadow of a cameraman.

Correction: I've looked through this scene and zoomed in on the magic eight ball and I cannot see any reflection/shadow of a cameraman.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the movie there is an aerial shot of what the fake town looks like, it is completely covered by a dome like structure and apparently can be seen from space, however soon after we see that a man tried to sabotage the show by parachuting into the town. There is no possible way he could have done this.

Correction: Of course there is. Inside the dome there are, as we can see, loads of mechanical devices to simulate things like weather change, light change, the sun rising and setting, etc. This equipment must be possible to access by maintenance crews, and the parachutist simply used one of their access ladders/elevators to the top, climbed to the inside of the dome and jumped.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Truman is talking to his best friend, and his friend is filling the vending machine, he fills up two of the spaces with yellow candy bars, then it cuts away for a bit. When it cuts back to the same shot as before, there are no yellow candy bars. It cuts away again and when it comes back again, there are more than two yellow candy bars in the vending machine.

Correction: That's because he was taking them out and putting them back in. You can actually see him reaching back for the yellow bars. He's doing this to make himself look busy as long as he can, while Truman is there with him.

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie you can see little cameras watching Jim Carry, but you have to look for them. There is one on the side of the neighbor's garbage can.

Correction: Is this really trivia? It is blatantly in the film, that is why the neighbour is carrying his garbage can so awkwardly, you even see a POV shot through that camera at Truman.

Corrected entry: Truman's car has no headrests. This is so the camera can get good shots of his and Meryl's faces and reactions, but he would be unlikely to drive without them.

Correction: Why would he be unlikely to drive without them? Would the producers of the fake TV shows that Truman watches ever mention that aspect of car safety? Would the fake teachers at Truman's school ever mention that aspect of car safety if it was specifically so that they could get better shots of Truman et al?

Continuity mistake: When Marlon stocks the vending machine, the camera (inside the back of the machine) shows him stocking the 1st row with brown-wrapper candy bars. He starts stocking the 2nd row with yellow-wrapper bars; Truman interrupts him for a minute (during which Marlon doesn't touch the bars at all). When Marlon continues, the yellow bars have changed to something darker (it's not just a different camera view; even barcodes are different). After another brief interruption, Marlon continues again, and the yellow bars are back. (00:35:00)

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Truman Burbank: Good morning! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

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Question: Just something that has interested me for a while. Did all the people in the town grow up with Truman (eg. his classmates) or are they all different actors? Also do all the actors live on set or do they have lives outside the show?

Heather Benton Premium member

Chosen answer: Clearly, in his media interviews, Truman's best friend, Marion, indicates that he did, indeed, grow up with Truman since they met in elementary school. One could extrapolate that his classmates did, as well. A sudden change of actor from one day to the next would be too much of tip-off to Truman. As actors leave the show, there is a story along with it. His father is presumed to have died, and returns later. I'm sure others move away. The main characters (Truman's wife, parents, close co-workers, and other key figures in his life) also appear to live "in world" and have devoted their entire lives to the Truman project. It is not made clear about the extras, though.

Michael Albert

It's kinda hard to believe though that a little boy (Marion) is faking it all so well for all these years since his childhood without raising any suspicion.

He probably didn't get to know it until a late age. In the bus, a little girl was confused and almost tell her mum that there was Truman, so a kid can't keep up the secret. I'm pretty sure they don't know it. But on the other hand, when he says he wants to be an explorer all the classmates freak out, as if they knew it would put in danger the show. So maybe the classmates and even the best friend had been selected after making sure they wouldn't mess up and reveal the secret.

Answer: In a deleted scene, "Marlon" explained that he didn't realise he was auditioning for the show. Only that his mother was the casting director and told him that he would be in this class with Truman and that he would be known as Marlon from then on. In regards to the classmates, they weren't freaking out, they were laughing at the prospect of Truman wanting to be an explorer. With the other actors, only his family, Marlon, and a few close friends/co-workers would live on set. If they want to have a break to visit their friends/family on the outside I'm sure they would have been allowed to. Just come up with a story of why you are leaving for X time and Truman would buy it.

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