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Corrected entry: When Truman is going about his normal life, it shows the angle of the camera on his ring. However, when Truman escapes his normal life, they for some reason never think of checking this camera. It would have saved them a lot of trouble...

Correction: He'd already broken up with his wife and already figured out something was up, he most likely wasn't wearing the ring anymore.

Corrected entry: When Truman is looking into the mirror in his bathroom and we see him front on, you can see that there is a shelf of shampoo and bathroomy type bottles sitting on a ledge beneath it. When the camera cuts to show Truman actually standing in the bathroom, there is no shelf at the bottom of the mirror.

Correction: The camera is inside the cabinet, looking through a two-way mirror, so we're seeing the bottles inside the cabinet. As such, from the outside we can't see them.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Truman Burbank buys a ticket for the ferry, the camera inside the small house changes: there is no "Open" sign in the window with the venetian blind, but in the very next shot you can see the "Open" sign in the window.

Correction: The open sign is actually on the opposite window. You can see this when he first walks up to by the ticket. The side showing says closed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Truman sees the wedding picture and he realizes Meryl has her fingers crossed, her wedding ring is on her right hand, not her left. In other scenes, she wears her wedding ring on her left hand.

Correction: She changed the hand it is on between the time of the picture and when we see her.

Ssiscool Premium member

Factual error: When the bus breaks down, steam is shown coming out of the front of the bus. GMC buses have the engine and radiator in the rear.

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Truman Burbank: Good morning! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

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Trivia: The name of Truman's boat is the "Santa Maria" - a ship sailed by Christopher Columbus. It is symbolic of going to a new land or a "new" place.

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Question: Just something that has interested me for a while. Did all the people in the town grow up with Truman (eg. his classmates) or are they all different actors? Also do all the actors live on set or do they have lives outside the show?

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Chosen answer: Clearly, in his media interviews, Truman's best friend, Marion, indicates that he did, indeed, grow up with Truman since they met in elementary school. One could extrapolate that his classmates did, as well. A sudden change of actor from one day to the next would be too much of tip-off to Truman. As actors leave the show, there is a story along with it. His father is presumed to have died, and returns later. I'm sure others move away. The main characters (Truman's wife, parents, close co-workers, and other key figures in his life) also appear to live "in world" and have devoted their entire lives to the Truman project. It is not made clear about the extras, though.

Michael Albert

It's kinda hard to believe though that a little boy (Marion) is faking it all so well for all these years since his childhood without raising any suspicion.

He probably didn't get to know it until a late age. In the bus, a little girl was confused and almost tell her mum that there was Truman, so a kid can't keep up the secret. I'm pretty sure they don't know it. But on the other hand, when he says he wants to be an explorer all the classmates freak out, as if they knew it would put in danger the show. So maybe the classmates and even the best friend had been selected after making sure they wouldn't mess up and reveal the secret.

Answer: In a deleted scene, "Marlon" explained that he didn't realise he was auditioning for the show. Only that his mother was the casting director and told him that he would be in this class with Truman and that he would be known as Marlon from then on. In regards to the classmates, they weren't freaking out, they were laughing at the prospect of Truman wanting to be an explorer. With the other actors, only his family, Marlon, and a few close friends/co-workers would live on set. If they want to have a break to visit their friends/family on the outside I'm sure they would have been allowed to. Just come up with a story of why you are leaving for X time and Truman would buy it.

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