Beavis and Butthead Do America

Correction: The authorities could easily obtain a sample of their fingerprints from any of the items they touched in their hotel room.


Corrected entry: Pay close attention to the scene in the airplane where Butthead is behind one of the flight attendants in the aisle as she is serving dinner. He says, "Hey, I got a beer, want some?" A split second later, we see Beavis rush the cockpit and scare the pilots. At this exact moment, we now see Butthead at the back of the plane with that same flight attendant (same hair, clothes, everything), only she is seated in one of the take off seats and reading a book. Even if for argument's sake, Butthead did walk to the back of the plane, that same flight attendant couldn't have been there.

Correction: While the shots and scenes happen one after another there is no time reference to know how long after Butthead was talking to the flight attendant before Beavis went into the cockpit. Its impossible to tell whether Beavis went right after or it took him a few minutes.


Corrected entry: After the power goes out in Las Vegas, Muddy is questioning the hotel clerk. The clerk says "They got on some bus...probably heading west." Well west of Las Vegas leads to the Pacific Ocean, not Washington D.C.

Correction: The clerk says the word probably meaning he doesn't know for sure what direction they are going. Many people take charter busses to Vegas from LA and he might have figured since they checked out the were going back to LA.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the car going to the airport, Muddy explains that the boys are to get back a satchel for him. When he demostartes how big it is, the whiskey bottle in his hands magically disappears and reappears.

Correction: Actually, he puts the bottle down to demonstrate and then picks it back up. Look closely at his hands and you'll see.

Corrected entry: When Beavis & Butthead are walking out of the hotel room to get on the bus to go to Washington DC, Beavis doesn't have his shoes on, but when he is outside, the shot shows him with them on.

Correction: As Beavis and Butthead walk to the elevator you can see that Beavis is carrying his shoes with him (one is under his arm) and at one point you see him trying to put his shoes back on just as they are getting into the elevator.

Plot hole: When Butthead pushes Beavis out of Muddy's car, Beavis causes a huge car crash. Then, a few seconds later Butthead falls out and causes cars behind him to crash, but the crash that Beavis started made a barrier along the highway, so how could those cars get behind Butthead so fast? (00:51:50)

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Agent Flemming: Well, I'll be a monkey's bare-assed uncle.

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Trivia: The character listed as Motley Crüe Roadie #1 is played by David Letterman, using the pseudonym Earl Hofert. This is the 2nd time Letterman uses that name in a film. Roadie #1 is Butthead's dad while Roadie #2 is Beavis' dad.


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Question: Who did the voice of Agent Bork.

Answer: According to, Greg Kinnear did.

T Poston

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