Beavis and Butthead Do America

Trivia: Beavis' desert hallucinations were drawn by Rob Zombie (for those who don't know, the lead singer of metal band White Zombie.)

Trivia: The song Van Driessen (voiced by Mike Judge) sings "Lesbian Seagull", is a real song from 1979. Incidentally, Mike Judge heard the song during a David Letterman segment, "Dave's Record Collection." David Letterman does the voice of Butthead's dad.


Trivia: The character listed as Motley Crüe Roadie #1 is played by David Letterman, using the pseudonym Earl Hofert. This is the 2nd time Letterman uses that name in a film. Roadie #1 is Butthead's dad while Roadie #2 is Beavis' dad.


Trivia: Husband and wife, Muddy and Dallas Grimes, were voiced by Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, who at the time were married.


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