Tremors 2

New this month Factual error: Kate finds a Graboid fossil and explains that the rock is from the Precambrian era (which ran from about 4.5 billion years ago through about 500 million years ago), thus making them literally the oldest complex life-forms in the history of Earth. Cool idea, but it makes no sense. Life in the Precambrian era was mostly bacterial or simplistic organisms such as sea-sponges and jellyfish late in the era. Something like the Graboids just couldn't have existed, both because they're too complex to have existed in that time-frame and also (and more importantly) because there wouldn't be an adequate food source for them to thrive. Sure, maybe they could have existed during the time of dinosaurs, but that only started about 250 million years ago, way after the end of the Precambrian era.

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New this month Suggested correction: The graboids might not have originated from earth. Like suggested they could be aliens and their species landed on Earth 5 billion years ago.

The movie states that they are from Earth. The suggestion that they're aliens is invalidated in the film itself, as it is proven wrong by the scene in question. Ergo, this correction is invalid. Also, this correction fails to address one of the key issues brought up in the mistake - they wouldn't have a viable food source and would have died out, even if the preposterous notion that they were aliens were true.

Hé, my name is not on that correction.


New this month Suggested correction: This is speculation at best regarding creatures that don't exist in real life. There's no way to say they wouldn't have adequate food source without knowing what they needed to survive, or how they evolved.


New this month Suggested correction: They retconned this in the TV series, saying that Kate had misdated the fossil, which was actually from the Devonian Period.

Greg Dwyer

I don't think a retcon validates a movie mistake.

Factual error: As Burt is driving, he is producing a video diary. He indicates it is 1900 hours (7PM) on May 14th, and yet it is pitch black outside. Nowhere in Mexico would the sun have set by 7pm in May.

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Factual error: After Grady and Earl wreck their truck, Burt, Earl and Grady have a radio conversation. At one point Grady interrupts Burt's transmission cutting off his voice, but making it appear Burt can hear him. It's not possible to interrupt a transmission while the other person is also transmitting even though they're using repeaters which is why Burt's voice was cut off in mid sentence. The only way you can transmit and receive at the same time is if you're using full duplex. Burt's voice was cut off, therefore they are not using full duplex.

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Factual error: When Earl swings on the light fixture and the cable detaches from the ceiling due to his weight, he falls 'a little' before hitting the wall. He would have dropped like a stone immediately, and likely would not have reached the wall.



Factual error: When Grady and Earl are trying to sleep on a boulder, there's a very large moon in the sky. It's clear that it isn't the actual moon. None of the craters or other markings correspond.

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