Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Corrected entry: During the flashback of the night when the prince was turned into a beast, he is wearing a white shirt when he sees the old woman with the rose. However, as seen in the first movie, the prince was actually wearing blue and red robes when he saw the woman.

Correction: The stained-glass windows shown in the first film are a highly stylized re-telling of what happened that night and is not intended to look exactly like the flashback sequence.

Corrected entry: In a scene near the end when "the beast" tells the maestro to "do the honours", the maestro takes his flute and begins to play but he is holding the flute the wrong way. A flute should be played to the right of you, not the left.

Correction: Some flute players do play with their flute to the left.

Corrected entry: When the clock and the candle are singing in the dungeon the fire on top of the candle gets put out and lights itself in between shots.

luke skyjogger

Correction: The candle named "Lumiere" has been seen relighting himself many times before. There is no error here.

Corrected entry: Whatever happened to Lumiere's girlfriend the feather duster? In "Beauty and the Beast", they are always together, but in "The Enchanted Christmas", Lumiere seems to have some relationship with the angel.

Correction: Lumiere is supposed to be your typical woman-chasing French lady's man. It makes sense that he would be after someone else.

Corrected entry: If the story takes place sometime during the middle of the first movie, where do the new characters go that were added in the second movie?

Correction: They'd be turned human at the end of the first movie too, just because we didn't see it, dosen't mean it didn't happen. We never saw the oven change back, but he must have.

Corrected entry: Why is the beast still a beast? Didn't he turn into a human again?

Correction: This movie takes place in the middle of the first movie. The beast hasn't yet changed into his new form.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene as Cogsworth is collecting food at the buffet, his plate goes from his left hand to his right hand between shots. (00:01:00)

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Belle: Forbid Christmas? No one can forbid Christmas.

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Question: How long exactly has Belle been imprisoned in the Beast's castle? Asking because the first movie didn't look like Christmas was being celebrated by anyone.

Answer: It's unknown how long Belle was at the castle. This sequel, The Enchanted Christmas, was made as an afterthought to the original Beauty and the Beast film, and there was no consideration or explanation about how this would fit into the original timeline. This is a stand-alone film, and it is typical of how the more popular Disney animated films, such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, etc. have added-on stories that are usually released straight-to-video.


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