Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
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Lumiere: And you said it was impossible.
Angelique: No, no, no. I said it was impossible without - me.

Beast: Let's give Belle the Christmas she's always wanted.

Chip: That's not a tree! That's just a weed wishin' it was a tree.

Chip: Belle... what's - Christmas?
Belle: Oh, Chip, you must know about Christmas. Stockings in front of the fire. Tree? Tinsle? Presents?
Chip: Presents! Will I get one?
Belle: Of course, everyone gets a present on Christmas.
Chip: Aw, even the master?
Belle: Yes, even the master.

Belle: Forbid Christmas? No one can forbid Christmas.

Continuity mistake: Belle and the Beast are ice skating, but when Belle falls onto the snow, her ice skates have turned to brown boots. (00:08:50)

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