El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Deliberate mistake: In the lab where Jessie is working, the canister that Walter had put his bloody hand on when he dies at the end of Breaking Bad still has the bloody handprint on it from that episode. However, this part of the film takes place before that episode happens. In the behind the scenes, the director stated he didn't have the heart to remove the handprint and decided to leave it in as a little "Easter Egg"

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Continuity mistake: Jesse Plemons gained a considerable amount of weight since "Breaking Bad" ended. As such, Todd Alquist is noticeably husky in his flashback appearances in this movie, even though in the original timeframe, he was more slender.

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Jesse: Alaska... Start over. Start fresh.
Mike Ehrmantraut: One could.
Jesse: Put things right.
Mike Ehrmantraut: No. Sorry kid, that's the one thing you can never do.

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Trivia: The working title during production was "Greenbriar." Eventually, the title "El Camino" was unveiled, which in addition to being a model of Chevrolet car, also translates to "The Path" or "The Way" in Spanish.

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