The Dead Don't Die

Trivia: Sturgill Simpson, singer of the movie's theme song, has a cameo as the Guitar Zombie.

Trivia: Hermit Bob examines a gravestone and leaves; the name on it is Samuel M. Fuller, homage to the filmmaker of the same name and always considered by Jarmusch as one of his favourites. (00:57:40)

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Continuity mistake: Bill Murray and Adam Driver approach Hermit Bob's campfire; in the close-up, the skinned rabbit is laid out exactly the opposite way than in the wider shots - head to the right, legs to the left. (00:01:25)

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Mindy Morrison: Guys. Shouldn't we be telling each other that's it all gonna be ok? That this will all go away like a bad dream? Ronnie?
Ronnie Peterson: Gee Mindy I'm not sure I can say that.
Mindy Morrison: Cliff. Please?
Cliff Robertson: It's all gonna be ok Mindy. Maybe it'll all just go away, like a bad dream.
Ronnie Peterson: I doubt it.

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