The Dead Don't Die

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Ouff. Jim Jarmusch movies have always had a certain allure with the quirkiness of characters, and their particular deliberate pace and fragmented structure. Perhaps I have heard too much hype about this flick, which is and feels by all means a dead-on-arrival satyre of the genre. Everything about this movie is a reanimated corpse, with enviromentalist and political themes that Romero made great here spelled in the most in-your-face obvious manner, a mysanthropic discourse spelled out by Tom Waits at the end that is jarring in the way it is handled. Attempts at comedy here feel stilted and even fastidious, prime example the 4th wall breach by Adam Driver. I truly couldn't stand Bill Murray billmurraying through the movie here, looking more than apathetic, but more like about to crack in a sardonic "Are we really doing this **** and getting paid for this?" cackle.

This is not a parody of a zombie movie, but rather Jim Jarmusch pranking the general audience into watching a Jim Jarmusch movie (a much worse one than Broken Flowers, Only lovers left alive, Ghost Dog, etc).

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: In front of the motel, Zack pulls the pink suitcase out of the trunk; he does it with Jack holding the bag high up, or all the way down in the second shot. (00:46:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Dean: The world is perfect. Appreciate the details.

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Trivia: Sturgill Simpson, singer of the movie's theme song, has a cameo as the Guitar Zombie.

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Question: Why would Cliff and Ronnie just let themselves die killing zombies when they could've driven off to seek refuge?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: It was in the script that they would die. Ronnie stated he knew it would end badly because the director gave him the full script ahead of time.


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