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Corrected entry: When Roddy Piper goes on a killing spree in the bank (the "chew bubblegum" scene) he fires nine shots without reloading. Even with an extended magazine tube (which it doesn't have), the shotgun he's using would only hold eight shells. (00:41:40)

Correction: While correct, to an extent, he is using a riot shotgun. Depending on the model, barrel length, and type of shells, it can hold 6 to 10 shells. This is not to discount that there may have been a round chambered before he got it.

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Corrected entry: When the guards at Cable 54 ask, "do you have your authorization cards?" Nada and Frank blow them away. Nada drags the traitor over by his goatee then taps on the glass and says, "it's soundproof". This would have already been established as nobody on the other side of the window reacted to the gunshots. (01:22:50)

Correction: Just because something's obvious does not mean it's a mistake for someone to point it out. It's like someone saying, "You got shot." when someone clearly has been shot.


Corrected entry: At the bank Roddy shoots round after round from his shotgun at the aliens. He doesn't pump the gun like he should every time he wants to shoot. (00:41:40)

Correction: Although you only see John Nada pump the shotgun a few times, you can hear him pump it off camera after every shot he fires.

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Revealing mistake: During the big fight scene, you can tell easily that Frank is wearing knee pads (try looking when his pant leg is wet). Construction workers will often wear knee pads for work but most often they wear them on the outside of the pants to save the knees of their pants. (00:58:50)

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Nada: Brother, life's a bitch...and she's back in heat.

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Trivia: The big fight scene is spoofed in "South Park" when the crippled kids Timmy and Jimmy fight, instead of the film's Nada and Frank. The episode is called "Cripple Fight".

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