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Plot hole: When Sarah is at the police station, the chief tells her something like, "Your mother will be here in a little over an hour." Meaning she is already on her way there. The Terminator reads the address book to find out Sarah's mother is at Big Bear. At the hotel, Sarah is talking to her "mother" (the Terminator). If her mother was on her way to the police station, why is she still at the cabin?


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Suggested correction: Big Bear Lake is actually just "a little over an hour" from Los Angeles (up to two hours at most). Sarah spoke to her mother on the phone at the motel, the day after the police station shootout. Keep in mind, all three of them are being hunted by law enforcement as armed fugitives who killed a bunch of police officers. It's possible it could have been longer. After they escape the police station in the subcompact car, they drive for hours until they run out of gas and push the car off the side of the road, find a drainage tunnel and talk about the future. Sarah has "her future dream" and she and Reese wake up in the morning. The next day, they then have to hitchhike back to Los Angeles to get supplies (If you watch the deleted scenes and read the script, Sarah decided the only way to stop the T-800 was to build bombs and blow up Cyber Dynamics, the predecessor to Cyberdyne Systems). Assuming Sarah's mother arrived at the police station after the shootout, with hundreds of police around and finds out her daughter is involved, she was questioned for hours and then went home. Which is the best thing she could do is wait for her at home for Sarah to call since pagers and cell phones are not readily available or affordable for most people in 1984. Regardless, Sarah didn't call her mother's cabin from the Tiki Motel until the next evening, at the very least.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the tanker explodes, we see the cabin of the truck getting blown up. Then in the next shot, we see no flames have even reached the cabin, and it explodes again, this time with flames.


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Suggested correction: This is one of those incidences where they intentionally show the scene multiple times. We in fact watch the semi blow up three times.


Revealing mistake: After Reese blasts the Terminator with his shotgun while at the Tech-Noir nightclub there should be huge holes in the Terminator's shirt and jacket, but there are none.

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Continuity mistake: When the Terminator is washing his face in the motel room after he was wounded during the chase, the tap's valve is showed in different positions between two shots.

Continuity mistake: As the T-800 starts chasing Reese and Sarah in the garage, there are a few shots of the Cadillac's windshield getting a hole blown in the upper right corner a few times, but there is only ever one hole.

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Revealing mistake: When Kyle gets to the past and hits the floor his body changes - even his hair and the sweat on it, showing the stuntman.


Continuity mistake: In the Tech-Noir bar scene, as Sarah is seated at the table and knocks the Canada Dry bottle to the floor, right when she leans down to pick it up, a guy sporting a white suit, white tie with three black tie clips and red pants begins passing behind her from the right side of the screen. In that exact same moment, while she's still bent over retrieving the bottle, the reverse-angle shot captures that same guy in white suit and tie, now dancing in front of her table as Arnold walks up scanning the area. (00:34:20)

Continuity mistake: In Tech Noir, as the Terminator starts firing the Uzi at Reese, a guy in a dress shirt and tie gets shot as Reese uses him for cover. He reacts to getting hit, the camera angle changes, and he reacts again. (00:35:50)


Continuity mistake: When Reese and Sarah are fleeing from the Tech-Noir nightclub, right when the Terminator jumps on the car they're driving away in his hairstyle magically changes.

Continuity mistake: When Reese and later the Terminator go through the phone book to locate Sarah Connor, the second Sarah is listed as Sarah Ann Connor. Later, when Traxler and Vukovich are discussing the death of the second Sarah, Traxler reads the name on the police file as Sarah Louise Connor.

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Suggested correction: A similar mistake was already corrected. When Vukovich says "girl number 2", he says she was killed earlier this afternoon, not that she was the 2nd victim. Sarah Louise Connor was shot first.


While Sarah is having pizza in a pizza place, the reporter confirms that "2 hours earlier" Sarah Ann Connor was the second victim.

Continuity mistake: The number 1874 is on supposedly different patrol cars driven by the T-800 and the police officers.


Continuity mistake: When Arnold exits his motel room to kill Sarah's mom at the cabin he has on what looks like a pair of Sperry boat shoes. After he kills and impersonates the mother and heads for the Tiki Motel on his bike he has the black motorcycle boots back on. (01:14:40 - 01:17:40)

Continuity mistake: As Kyle and Sarah hijack the black pick-up truck, the bandage on Kyle's hand is missing.

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Suggested correction: No, the bandage is still on his right hand the whole time. There's a few moments you can see it when he's pulling the man out of the truck. There's no camera cut when he starts to back up and you can see a little bit of the white bandage. But with the shadow and the way he's holding his hand, it could look like it's not there.


Revealing mistake: When the inner workings of the T-800's damaged arm are shown, he uses a vise grip to pull one of the finger control rods. As he does, the finger uncurls a split second before the rod is pushed back.

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Continuity mistake: We see the Terminator remove his left eye in the hotel room and it leaves a wound about the size of the sunglasses lens, in most face shots after that while he is wearing the sunglasses the wound has disappeared and the skin around the eye is perfect when we see that side of the face.

Continuity mistake: When Sarah rolls Kyle's body over and looks at him, his face is covered in blood and his eyes are open. When Kyle is later zipped up in the body bag, his face is clean and his eyes are closed.

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Trivia: At the beginning of the film, Sarah listens to an answering machine recording of her boyfriend cancelling a date. The voice on the answering machine belongs to James Cameron.

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Question: I've always wondered, what's the significance of the kid pointing a wooden gun and making 'pew pew' noises at Reese when he enters the human hideout? Is it meant to be purely a bit of comical play between the two, or a subtle inference that mankind will never be able to abolish its inherent desire to destroy itself, even in the face of total extinction?

Answer: Its simply a child being a child and playing, but more than anything, showing the innocence of the children that inspite of the near death of the human race all around them, there's still time to play and be... human.


Answer: I've always thought it was to show that these children didn't know anything else. They hadn't had a childhood due to the war against the machines and all they knew was to shoot guns because that's all they've seen people do.


Answer: I think it refers more to the irony fact the kids innocently playing soldiers, would soon become real soldiers in a fight for their lives.

Answer: I agree with the playing and innocence aspects, as well as some comic relief. Toddlers/children prepare for possible future roles in life by mimicking adults' behaviors. What the child lacks is a sense of danger, showing no fear (or guilt) "shooting" a much larger person who knows how to kill. The child also lacks an understanding of consequences of behavior and meaning/permanence of death.


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