Ten Commandments

Trivia: The film held the record for highest-grossing Biblical movie for 48 years, until it was finally surpassed by "The Passion of the Christ" in 2004.

Trivia: Future famous musician Herb Alpert has a cameo as a drummer boy during the massive Exodus scene.


Trivia: Even though Martha Scott played Charlton Heston's mother in this film, she was only 11 years older than Heston.

Trivia: To promote this film, MGM donated 2,000 replicas of the Stone Tablets to local civic organizations, to be placed in front of courthouses and the like. To this day, they remain controversial, the subject of an intense church-and-state debate.

Trivia: The film shows Joshua escaping and meeting up with Moses. According to holy Jewish texts, this is not so; no one could escape Egypt at the time, what with its highly occult powers. Only Moses could lead them out. And when he did lead them out, that was when Joshua went along.

Allister Cooper, 2011

Trivia: The voice of God giving the Ten Commandments is a chorus of several male voices including, principally, Charlton Heston's and Cecil B.DeMille's, recorded separately with one track laid on top of the other and altered electronically. The other voices in the chorus were those of actor and singer Delos Jewkes and Donald Hayne, DeMille's publicist/biographer.


Trivia: When the Israelites are waiting for Moses to get back with the commandments and are building a golden idol, 2 men are pouring molten gold when one burns his leg and starts hopping in pain. He quickly recovers and continues to act.


Other mistake: When Rameses places the dead body of his son on the statue next to his throne, watch as it cuts to a shot of the side of the statue. A dummy was used in this scene, and it becomes obvious. Check out his hair, which looks like plastic, and his eyes, which look like little circles.

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[Ramses unsheathes his sword and goes to kill Nefretiri.]
Nefretiri: Before you strike, show me his blood on your sword.
[Ramses throws his sword on the ground, sits on his throne and Nefretiri sits beside him.]
Nefretiri: You couldn't even kill him.
Ramses: His god... is God.

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Question: When Ramses is getting ready to go after Moses, Nefretiri hands him the sword and says to come back with Moses' blood on it. Why would Nefretiri want Moses dead, since she had been in love with him for a long time?

Answer: She was a woman scorned. Yes, she loved Moses, but Moses turned his life away from the royal life of Egypt (and Nefertiri's love) to be with his people, the Hebrews, and serve the will of God. These were far more important reasons to Moses than living a lush life as a prince of a people he was not connected to by blood or lineage.


Answer: The final plague was the death of all first born male children. It included her son, but she refused to believe it. She believed Moses would would protect him from the curse. Even when he was dying in her arms, she said, my son will not die.

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