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9.6/10.The first Turtles movie and it doesn't disappoint.If anything it exceeds all expectations.I loved it as a kid, the turtles looked real to me.I only wondered what Shredder's plot was beyond stealing stuff.But I digress as that's secondary to the movie itself.The acting's great mainly on Judith Hoag and Elias Koteas' parts.They handle the idea of being friends/allies to ninja turtles well without batting an eye.The Shredder's just as impressive and scary as his counterparts in the comic books and games.If you're a fan of the turtles and haven't watched this one yet then you should.I would honestly say this one got me interested in the superhero genre, it lead me to Spider-Man.So obviously I still hold TMNT very dear.


To this day, this is the best film adaptation of the comics/1987 cartoon series. The costumes look great and the film takes itself seriously enough without sacrificing any fun.

Phaneron Premium member

Other mistake: In the music within the ending credits, the lyrics incorrectly state that Raph is the leader of the group when all Turtle fans past and present know it is Leo.

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Tatsu: Go... play.

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Trivia: One of the street punks tells the police chief to check out the "East" Warehouse out on "Lairdman" Island. This is a tribute to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, the creators of the TMNT.


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Question: What was Shredder's plan? Surely he'd have the Foot go beyond petty thievery eventually. I never saw it addressed in the movie.


Answer: It's not really petty thievery. Shredder essentially has control over a large crime syndicate which is involved in pickpocketing, burglary, and highjacking. And that's just the gang itself. The Foot Clan itself is probably involved with other activities that we haven't seen.

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