Revealing mistake: The scene where Jackie takes Anna for a night ride in the snow is special for several reasons: Even though it's the first snow of the year and no earlier scene made the impression that it is particularly cold, they come by a lake that's half covered with ice. Both don't wear gloves (horse riders usually wear gloves even in summer!), and, in spite of the cold night, their breath doesn't make any clouds. (01:20:35)


Continuity mistake: When Luke proposes to Isabel his shoulders are quite woolly in shots from the front, but shaved in shots from the side. (00:45:25)


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Isabel: It's not that I can't cook, I choose not to cook.

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Trivia: Director Chris Columbus' daughter Eleanor appears as a girl in the ballet class.

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Question: Why did Jackie tell Isabel that she lost Ben? Was it to prove to Isabel that she (Jackie) is not a perfect mother?


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