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The best Halloween since the original. This is the real Michael Myers. The way he was played in the movie was amazing. Jamie Lee Curtis was great, her performance blew me away. The kills in the film were pretty awesome. I liked the idea of it taking place 40 years after his original murder rampage on Halloween night. There were some surprises in the film I did not see coming. The film was very well directed. The music in the film was great. The ending was satisfying. I remember watching it in the cinema. I had a good time. They should make another Halloween movie. Michael will be back one day, I know it.

I saw this movie in theaters.

I'll be honest, it's been quite a while since I've seen the other Halloween movies. And I'm not even sure I've seen them all. I know I saw the first two and H20, as well as the first film of the reboot, but other than that I can't recall the others other than reviews on line.

This film I was pleasantly surprised it turned out great! While I've never been a huge fan of the Halloween series, I still appreciated it and what it's done for the horror and slasher genera of films as a whole... both good and bad.
H20 had it's ups and downs as an attempted reboot sequel to the first film. Where as this again reboot sequel seemed to really hit it home. I can't really think of much of anything that I would complain about it. It's a Halloween flick through and through, and delivers on what you'd expect as well as keeping a few surprises and clever ideas.
It really delves into the brutality of Michael and I love it~

It makes me wanna go back and watch the other um... 9 films, in the series. Even the bad ones. It's been a long time, and I'm now more of a fan of the series than before.

I just wish they would fix their damn naming of films. It's already confusing enough that this is the forth part two in the series. Yeah seriously, the fourth part two. XD

Anyways, I thought it was great, took a date to the film. Even though since she was running late I missed the first 10-15 minutes... I still enjoyed it. I'll be sure and rent it when it comes out.

Mistake Status: I picked up on a few continuity issues during the feature... but I forgot them by the time I got out. I just remembered one mistake that stuck out to me. I'll probably revisit this film at some point and will for sure spot some more mistakes when I eventually rent it. But for now, I've just got the one.

Quantom X

From a wonderfully kitschy opening title sequence that hearkens back to the iconic original, through a slew of subversive twists and turns that took me by surprise, David Gordon Green's "Halloween" proves to be the definitive continuation of John Carpenter's classic. Boasting intense scares, buckets of blood and a surprisingly effective sense of self-aware humor, "Halloween" 2018 is not only the best of the "Halloween" sequels - it's arguably one of year's best horror movies, period.


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