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Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

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Corrected entry: It is shown that since Joi is a hologram, she can not touch or interact physically with objects and if she does she will fade through them. This is shown when K is analysing the DNA, where she passes through K to read the DNA with him, and when she fades through the hooker to allow K to have sex with her. However, in the scene where she and K go to visit Dr. Badger to have the wooden horse analysed, Joi is shown placing her hand on the door frame, and does not pass through it. (01:35:00)


Correction: Simple enough for a hologram to place her hand on a doorframe - she's not touching it or putting any pressure on it, she's just mimicking a natural movement someone with a physical form could do.

Corrected entry: When his car is shot down, they break open the car door with a cutting machine. Some time later he closes the door and it's undamaged.

Correction: The damage to the door does not disappear. The scavengers place the cutting machine below the window frame, and beginning sawing until the door opens. When the machine is removed, there is a visible cut below the window frame. This cut below the window frame remains there for the rest of the scene.

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