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Continuity mistake: When K is cornered by the scavengers, he gets out of the car after they cut the door open. In the shot of one of the scavengers running up to K to attack him, nothing is hanging out of the car door. K then breaks the scavenger's back with his knee and the seat belt is suddenly hanging out of the door. (01:02:45)

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Plot hole: Wallace is obsessed with obtaining the secret to making replicants able to procreate so he can dramatically increase production of replicants. Given he is depicted as already able to produce them in an adult form and can implant memories of events and skills, this doesn't make any sense. Apparently his process is so slow, inefficient and expensive that it would be more effective to raise and educate infant replicants into adulthood than it would be to make them as he currently does - but he also claims to have created millions of replicants who are widely used for cheap labor and who were disposable enough that he stabbed one to death to prove a point.

Blade Runner 2049 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Ryan Gosling is talking to Harrison Ford not long after meeting up, Harrison Ford is wearing a grey T-shirt which has sweat stains around the neck. The sweat stains frequently grow, shrink and change shape between shots. (01:51:45)

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Rick Deckard: Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger.

Rick Deckard: I did your job once - I was good at it.
K: Things were simpler then.

Joi: 4 symbols make a man: A, T, G and C. I am only two: 1 and 0.

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Question: Why did Niander Wallace kill the female replicant right after creating her? I get that he's crazy, but was there any other reason?

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Answer: He was being violently petulant at the moment, angry that he couldn't create and control the birth that he just learned occurred with older-model replicants and seeing his new creation as "flawed" by design. Pretty villainous, he cares nothing for the replicants.

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Answer: Think of any manufacturing process. Samples of new products are frequently created and then immediately destroyed. Also, the new replicant would require processing, training, etc. It was simpler for him to just dispose of the test.

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