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Corrected entry: When Max is driving with the Baroness (and later the Captain as well), his Mercedes is right-hand drive. He might have been a cosmopolitan fellow who bought his Mercedes from England, but that seems unlikely since Germany was a bit closer. They seem to have tried to hide this by having the Countess drive the men around.

Correction: Max is never driving alone with the baroness in the movie, and the baroness never drives them around (there isn't even a Countess in the movie), and when Max, the baroness, and Georg are riding, Georg is driving them, and the only other person to drive the car in the movie is Max, when he drives the children home (right before Captain and Maria return from their honeymoon).


Corrected entry: When Leisel and Rolf are singing in the gazebo, you see the doors are open, then closed, then opened again.

Correction: There is a "front" door that is closed when they enter the gazebo, but there is also a back door that is open. There is no error.


Corrected entry: In some scenes Julie Andrews plays her guitar as if she's right-handed, and in others she plays as if she's left-handed.

Correction: But Maria only plays the guitar in the movie once.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" scene in the gazebo, Liesl and Rolf do a series of spins away from and towards one another. In one shot they are spinning clockwise, while in the immediately subsequent shot, they are spinning counter-clockwise.

Correction: I can see where they are turning clockwise, and then you can see where they change direction and start spinning clockwise. I don't know, it might just be me.


Corrected entry: After Maria has left to go back to the abbey the children ask Captain Von Trapp who their next governess will be - he says they won't have one but will have a new mother (the baroness). A little while later in the film when Maria has returned to be a governess, the captain asks her if she is back to stay, and she says "only until arrangements can be made for a new governess". Surely if the Captain is marrying the Baroness no arrangements would need to be made?

Craig Bryant

Correction: Maria doesn't know that, and the Captain simply doesn't correct her misconception.


Corrected entry: Could some person please tell me why the the Reverend Mother is wearing a wedding ring?

Correction: Nuns are considered married to Christ.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: When Julie Andrews is zipping around Salzburg singing "I have confidence", she leans on a crate of oranges marked "Produce of Israel". Israel didn't exist as a nation state until 1948...

Correction: In the movie you don't actually see the "Produce of Israel". It is only seen on pictures taken by journalists on the set.


Correction: In the Australian released version it is in the film. Possibly in other territories too.

Boris Kaputnik

Corrected entry: In the early scenes of the film, the eldest daughter is in the gazebo singing 'I am 16 going on 17', But before the Do-Re-Me Song, she states that she doesn't know how to sing.

Correction: It is also said at one point in the movie that before Mrs. von Trapp died that the house was fun, but that the Captain put a stop to the music and such. Perhaps she means that no one "showed" her how, but most people without training sing with the radio and such.


Corrected entry: In the song "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" one of the sisters in the abbey sings "And underneath her wimple she has curlers in her hair." Maria's hair is so short that there is no way she could wrap it around curlers. Besides, throughout the film, she wears a straight crop that definitely would not require curlers.

Correction: They are referring to incidents that have already happened or are likely to happen with Maria.


Corrected entry: Gretel, the youngest girl, is five years old. Captain Von Trapp's wife died seven years earlier. How could Gretel have been born if her mother wasn't alive?

Correction: She says "several", not seven.


Revealing mistake: When the kids step out of the water and walk towards the house, the floor is already soaking wet from previous takes.

Sacha Premium member
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Maria: I am not finished yet, Captain!
Captain Von Trapp: Oh yes you are, Captain! Fraulein, you will pack your things this minute and return to the Abbey.

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Trivia: In the boating scene, Kym Karath (Gretl) nearly drowned when she fell in the water. The scene originally called for Julie Andrews (Maria) to pull her out of the water as Kym couldn't swim, but Andrews fell out of the wrong side of the boat. In fact, the crew had to stop filming to rescue Kym. In the movie Heather Menzies (Louisa) pulls her out - Kym threw up on her after swallowing so much water.

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Question: Gretel is 5 years old and the mother died seven years ago. Who is Gretel's mom?

Answer: In the film, the Mother Abess explains to Maria that the Captain Von Trapp's wife died "several years" ago. This is commonly misheard by viewers as "seven years." In reality, the actual mother of the Von Trapp children was Agathe Whitehead, who died of scarlet fever in 1922, just four years before Maria came to the Von Trapp home, initially as a tutor (not a governess) in 1926.

Michael Albert

Answer: However when Captain Von Trapp gets the children to step forward and introduce themselves to Maria he states that their mother died 7 years ago.

Not in the 1965 film, perhaps in another version. In the 1965 film the only thing he says about his late wife when he first meets Maria is "you'll be the 12th governess...since their mother died." When he has the children introduce themselves, he only advises Maria to pay attention to their signals and names. Later after he leaves and the children say how old they are, Marta says "I'll be 7 on Tuesday."

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