Sniper (1993)

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I own this movie on DVD.

I found a 4 pack in the Walmart $5 movie bin that had Sniper 1-3 and Sniper Reloaded in it. And then just by pure coincidence, my mom got me Sniper Legacy for like my birthday or something. Only then after looking into it did I realise... there are 7 movies in this franchise. Seven! like. Wtf? I had no idea about that.

So I finally got around to watching the original and well... it was actually pretty good. Noting major or amazing, but it was pretty good. I liked the story, I liked the main character. But the spotter guy was a bit annoying at times.
It's good for it's time and what it is.
It's my introduction to the series and well, hopefully they just get better from here.
I've nothing really special to say about it... it's just a good film.

Mistake Status: Oh yeah, you can bet I'll be combing through a movie like this at some point. I'll have to dissect this series as a whole.

Quantom X Premium member

Continuity mistake: After the bad guys shoots the pilot, blood squirts onto the window. However the next shot shows the chopper heading down (with the dead pilot) but there is no blood on the window. (00:19:55)

Joel Gordon

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Thomas Beckett: Don't take a piss. Bugs will swarm right up through your dick. Good night.

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Trivia: The movie Sniper is actually a factual story loosely based on the biography of a United States Marine Corp Sgt. Carlos Hathcock. Sgt. Hathcock was a sniper during the Vietnam war. A book called "Marine Sniper" written by Charles Henderson has the same stories where Tom Beringer crawls across the field to get into range to shoot the drug lord and also where Berenger is stalked by the enemy sniper where he shoots him the other sniper and the bullet goes through the rifle scope. Those two scenes actually happened in real life.

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Answer: According to an old post on the Bladeforums website, it was an 8" Al Mar Shadow.

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