Continuity mistake: When they're in the jungle in Panama they see a train go past which has the Queensland rail (in Australia) sign on it.

Continuity mistake: After the fight with Zane about ending the mission, Berenger puts a marker down on the ground. Later the mercenary sniper picks up the marker, but it's a different marker than Berenger put down. (00:56:45 - 00:58:05)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: After the bad guys shoots the pilot, blood squirts onto the window. However the next shot shows the chopper heading down (with the dead pilot) but there is no blood on the window. (00:19:55)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: The site where Berenger put the marker down by the river and the site where the mercenary picked up the marker don't look the same (different rock pile, different tree, different barbed wire configuration, etc.). (00:56:35 - 00:57:55)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Tom Berenger and his spotter are trying to get on the chopper, the spotter gets shot. First, they show blood on his face. In the next scene it is clean and in the scene after that is it bloody again. The appearance of his wound changes too.

Continuity mistake: When Zane walks into the cantina and asks for a game of pool, the guy has just broke the rack with most of the balls staying where they were. The next shot shows all the balls being closer to the side rail than they were. (00:22:05)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When the pilot is shot, blood shoots onto the window in the upper right part of the screen (where the glass and the metal meet). Later, the blood is squarely in the middle of the window. (00:19:55)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Miller shoots El Cirujano, who was torturing Beckett, it's a rainy night. In the side shot of Miller's fired bullet, in the background there is a definitely daytime forest, then in the next shot, it's night again.

Continuity mistake: When Zane enters the ruins after going crazy he fires three bullets at his shadow and hit the wall. After he falls to the ground laughing the camera pans out and there are no more bullet holes where he shot at the wall. (01:21:05)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Billy Zane slides down into the river, the overhead shot shows him (or a stunt double) completely go into the river. But the next shot, Billy Zane magically keeps his rifle and his upper body dry and above the water line.

Continuity mistake: When Berenger and Zane are at the village where the dead priest is, they see his hut. They move around the hut's door in a police/swat style way, to make a surpise attack on whoever might be inside. But when we cut to an inside shot of the hut, you can see there are spaces in the bambo/stick walls. Even if there was a person inside, they would easily have seen them moving around outside.

Continuity mistake: When the helicopter lands in the LZ to pick them up at the end of the movie, its position and anti-collision lights are on. Not a smart idea, for a night extraction when guys with guns are looking to shoot at you. In the next scene, the helicopter flies away and all the lights are off.

Continuity mistake: When Berenger takes Zane into his room, he puts his keys down on a crate. In the shot just prior to that there's a book where the keys are laid. (00:24:25)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When the Surgeon is torturing Beckett, Beckett's arms are about shoulder width apart tied to the bamboo. A couple scenes later, his arms are tied further apart. This makes it really odd because the Surgeon was cutting his finger, which is about a foot away from where he stands up. (01:28:25 - 01:29:35)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Zane is coming in by chopper, the soldier gets shot up and Zane takes out his weapon to shoot. The blood on his finger changes from the wide shot of him and the weapon and the close-up shot of his finger on the trigger. (00:20:50)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: Berenger cuts his first spotter's dog tags out of the laces on his boot in the helicopter. In the next scene, when Berenger is in the bath, he looks over at the dead man's boots and the laces are not cut.

Continuity mistake: When Billy Zane is in the helicopter, he sights the sniper in his scope, the sniper being the one that just shot the chopper up. You see from the scope's view that the chopper is apparently following him running down the mountain. But, the helicopter was hovering, it wasn't following him.

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