Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Revealing mistake: When the officials arrive at the Talbot family tomb to investigate the recent events, they find the crypt door unlocked. As they start to enter, the door opens on its own. When the camera cuts to an angle from inside the crypt, a thick cord can be seen pulling the door open.


Character mistake: When Inspector Owen calls the village police station the call is answered by a sergeant but at the end of the call Inspector Owen refers to him as Inspector. (00:10:00 - 00:11:00)


Continuity mistake: During Larry Talbot's first transformation into the Wolf Man in the hospital, he goes from wearing light-colored pajamas to a dark shirt and pants. When he awakens the next morning, he's back wearing the pajamas.

Factual error: When the moon starts to rise as Larry is lying in the hospital bed, the light from the moon is shown moving from the floor up to his bed. Since the moon is appearing from the horizon, the light should be moving from the wall down to the floor.

Other mistake: Despite the early scenes being set in Cardiff and its environs, not one character has a South Wales accent.

Maleva: Are you the proprietor?
Vazec, the Proprietor: I am. What do you beggars want?
Maleva: We just want to ask you, sir, about the Doctor Frankenstein.
Vazec, the Proprietor: Frankenstein? Don't mention that name around this town.

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Suggested correction: Technically, Lugosi did not play THE Wolf Man. He played A Wolf Man who infected Larry Talbot. He never appeared in werewolf makeup.

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Question: In the 1941 movie "The Wolfman", the poem about werewolves ends with "And the Autumn moon is bright." In this movie, why was it changed to "And the moon is full and bright"?

Answer: It was more folklore than an actual poem. As people verbally repeat fables, legends, and myths to others, the precise wording continually changes.


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