Six Days, Seven Nights

Six Days, Seven Nights (1998)

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Plot hole: The morning after Frank and Angelica sleep together the hotel manager comes to her cabin to get her for the search. He says the helicopter leaves in 20 minutes. She wakes up Frank and tells him they have to go. The next time we see them they are eating breakfast. They only have 20 minutes but that is enough time for him to go to his cabin, shower, do his hair and change, while she does the same thing. Then there is still time to go to the restaurant, order food and get it. That is some long 20 minutes.

Continuity mistake: While they are approaching, and then running from, the pirate ship, in one shot the horizon is completely empty. Then, in the next shot, the ship is back. This happens more than once.

Continuity mistake: When Angelica is first approaching the charter plane, she has two bags - a leopard print bag and a white bag. Two shots later where she is sitting down in the co-pilot's seat, she only has the white bag. When she gets off the plane on the resort island, she has only the leopard print bag.

Continuity mistake: When Harrison Ford and Anne Heche climb up the hill to turn off the beacon, you can see that Harrison's shirt has a few buttons unbuttoned from the top. We can see one button but the other is covered. When Anne asks "Who stole the peninsula?" we can see both buttons.

Revealing mistake: The de Havilland Beaver takes off the first time for Makatea King Kong peak is in the background (a known peak on Kauai). When they land on Makatea there in the background is King Kong again, right where they took off from.


Factual error: In order for Anne Heche and David Schwimmer to be on vacation for 6 days and 7 nights, they would have had to arrive at night and leave at night. However, the two arrived in the day and David Schwimmer left in the day.

Mike Lynch

Continuity mistake: When Quinn and Robin first escape the pirates just after they row back to the island, they run up a hill for quite a bit. In a later shot they are running along a path close to the seashore, but immediately following that, they are at the higher elevation again as the pirates catch up to them.

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Continuity mistake: When Quinn has just prepared the peacock and Robin is ready to take her first bite, she blows on it and they cut to her eating it. In between those two cuts, the way the leg is facing changes directions.

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Trivia: Temuera Morrison and Cliff Curtis are speaking Maori in their roles as pirates. However they didn't know how to say the complex lines they were supposed to (about gold and pirates, etc), so they just ad-libbed random everyday stuff such as what they were cooking for dinner. (From Temuera's biography "Temuera Morrison: From Haka to Hollywood").

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Question: I noticed that the island they crashed on was "Mata nui." It sounded familiar to me, and Google told me Mata Nui was a Lego Bionicle figure. Since the movie is from 1998 and Bionicle from 2001, Lego must have been inspired by the movie, or what?


Answer: Motu Nui is a real life island, the name means "large island" in Maori. Most likely that is the source of Lego's inspiration for the name. While it is certainly possible that whoever came up with Mata Nui first heard the name Motu Nui in this movie, it is unlikely. Motu Nui is a fairly well known island and also shares its name with a settlement in New Zealand. A fictionalized island called Motu Nui is also the home of Disney princess Moana, which obviously came out after Bionicle but speaks to how well known the name is.


Answer: Thank you. I must have misheard the name in the movie! I will Google Motu Nui now.

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