Singin' in the Rain

Visible crew/equipment: During the premiere of The Royal Rascal's when the bad guy goes over the edge of the banister, you can see a crewman's hands catching his legs. (00:11:30)

Jack's Revenge

Visible crew/equipment: During the Broadway Melody, the shadow of the hanging boom mic becomes visible. This happens during the sequence filmed in the large sound stage. Kelly is dancing with a woman with a long fabric flowing behind her. The shadow is on the right side.

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Suggested correction: I can see no shadow at any point in this scene. Could you provide a time stamp or screen capture? Besides, there is no spoken dialog or even any natural sound in the scene. Why would they be using a boom mike?

It's on the right, center side of the screen when the lady with the long flowing dress is further away and the shot cranes up. This is a musical number, Kelly is singing. They would still use a microphone.

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Are you talking about the fantasy sequence between Kelley and Cyd Charisse? If you mean the faint shadow at 1:25:18, that is a shadow from the flowing cloth. And no, they would not be using a microphone. 1) There is no singing in that sequence. 2) In musicals at the time, all singing was pre-recorded and the actors lip-synced to a playback on stage.

Other mistake: In Gene Kelly's 'Singing in the Rain' sequence, the taps he makes do not match up with the actual movements of his feet - they are much more complicated than the steps he makes. Since one can't tap dance in wet loafers, Kelly had to do the dance in the studio, and the taps were added into the picture. He apparently got a little overzealous.

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Don Lockwood: What's your lofty mission in life that lets you sneer at my humble profession?
Kathy Selden: I'm an actress.
Don Lockwood: What?
Kathy Selden: On the stage.
Don Lockwood: Oh, on the stage. Well, I'd like to see you act. What are you in right now? I could brush up on my English, or bring along an interpreter. That is if they'd let in a movie actor.
Kathy Selden: I'm not in a play right now, but I will be. I'm going to New York...
Don Lockwood: Oh, you're going to New York! And then someday, we'll all hear of you, won't we? Kathy Selden as Juliet, as Lady Macbeth, as King Lear! You'll have to wear a beard for that one, of course.

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Suggested correction: Not really trivia, as none of the songs was written for the film; most were written in the 1930s, some earlier, and the latest in the late 1940s. The title song, for example, was first published in 1929. So it's hardly surprising the script came after.

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Question: Before Lina sings "Singin' in the Rain," she keeps backing up to the curtain (to ask Kathy what song she's going to sing, and in what key). Wouldn't that tip off the audience that Lina wasn't using her own voice?

Answer: They might think she's just asking someone backstage, R.F. or something, which song it would be best to sing.

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