Singin' in the Rain

Trivia: Donald O'Connor filmed the 'Make 'em Laugh' number in one day, over several takes. By the end of that one sequence, he was so bruised and battered from the repeated unpadded pratfalls, he could barely move. He was unable to work for several days after.


Trivia: The script for this movie was written after the songs were.

Jack's Revenge

Trivia: In the famous scene when Don Lockwood is singing in the rain, apparently Gene Kelly (Don) was suffering from a fever.

Trivia: It has been known that Debbie Reynolds was frequently picked on by Gene Kelly for not being to dance so well. One day while Reynolds was crying on the set, Fred Astaire helped her with the dancing.

T Poston

Trivia: "Singin' in the Rain" wasn't in the original screenplay. When it was added, it was intended to be performed by Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds. This song eventually became "Good Morning", and "Singin' in the Rain" became Kelly's iconic solo.

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Trivia: By the time the dance number "Good Mornin'" was finished, Debbie Reynolds had danced for so long and so hard all day long that her heartbeat dropped and she was confined to bedrest.


Trivia: Donald O'Connor admitted that he did not like working with Gene Kelly because he found Kelly to be a bit of a tyrant on the set.

Trivia: Debbie Reynolds was severely intimidated by power-dancer Gene Kelly. Her feet were blistered and bleeding after just one day on the set with him. She sobbed about working with Kelly so much that her good friend Fred Astaire privately tutored her, gently, in the dance routines.

Trivia: During the "Good Morning, Good Morning" sequence, Debbie Reynolds' tap dancing was dubbed over by Gene Kelly.

Trivia: In the following dance sequences: "All I do is dream of you", "Beautiful girl", "Good Mornin'" and "Broadway Rhythm" - all the girl dancers are wearing the same shoes each time, but different colour.

Trivia: When Gene Kelly is dancing in the rain, he was wearing a wool suit which kept shrinking on him. In order to be able to move to dance, he had to change his suit several times.



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Don Lockwood: What's your lofty mission in life that lets you sneer at my humble profession?
Kathy Selden: I'm an actress.
Don Lockwood: What?
Kathy Selden: On the stage.
Don Lockwood: Oh, on the stage. Well, I'd like to see you act. What are you in right now? I could brush up on my English, or bring along an interpreter. That is if they'd let in a movie actor.
Kathy Selden: I'm not in a play right now, but I will be. I'm going to New York...
Don Lockwood: Oh, you're going to New York! And then someday, we'll all hear of you, won't we? Kathy Selden as Juliet, as Lady Macbeth, as King Lear! You'll have to wear a beard for that one, of course.



At the first premiere (at Grauman's Chinese Theatre), look closely at the audience. Because at the end of the movie, and several months later at the premiere of The Dancing Caviler, it is the same audience! (Same clothes and even the same seats!)