David (Geoffrey Rush) marries Gillian, a friend of the woman who works in the restaurant Moby's (and who lets David live at her house on the weekends). The word spreads that he's playing the piano again and he plays a concert; among the crowd are his mother, sisters and his former teacher Mr. Rosen. David and Gillian visit David's father's grave.


Factual error: When young David and his father show up at Ben Rosen's house, there is a Jewish mezuzah (a handwritten tiny scroll of parchment with a passage from the Bible enclosed in a case) affixed to the doorpost. The position of the mezuzah is incorrect. It should be higher up on the door jamb and the top should be angled towards the house, not the other way round. (00:15:00)

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Gillian: How do you feel?
David: I'm shocked, stunned and amazed.

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