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Peter: Religion is nonsense.
Ben Rosen: It's also a gold mine if you know where to dig.

Cecil Parkes: You must play as if there's no tomorrow.

Cecil Parkes: The page! For God's sake, the notes.
Peter Helfgott: I'm sorry sir, I keep forgetting the notes.
Cecil Parkes: Will it be asking too much to learn them first?

David: It's a tough game, isn't it Roger?
Roger: It's a bloodsport.

Cecil Parkes: No one's ever been mad enough to attempt the Rach Three.
David: Am I mad enough, professor? Am I?

Peter Helfgott: In this world only the strong survive. The weak get crushed like insects.

Gillian: How do you feel?
David: I'm shocked, stunned and amazed.

Peter: No-one will love you like me, no-one like me.

Continuity mistake: In the first scene where we see David Helfgott, there's a mark on his ring finger, probably made by a wedding ring. In that scene David isn't married.

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