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Corrected entry: When Misty is throwing up in the bathroom, Laney walks in with her red shoes on. In the next shot, she is wearing white bathroom slippers. In the next scene, she goes back to wearing the red shoes.

Correction: At no stage do you see Laney's shoes. You may have been confused for the bath mat.

Corrected entry: When Zach is watching Laney perform in the play, he places his coat on the back of the chair directly in front of him. When they ask him to come on stage and the shot goes back to him the coat is on the chair in front of him to the right.

Correction: He put his left hand on the chair in front, and his right, which was holding his coat, on the chair to the right, which is where his coat stayed.

Corrected entry: When the popular girls are shopping, they have just walked out of a shop and are talking about an acceptance speech. As she has finished her speech about she will win no matter what just as the movie goes to the next scene you can see the middle girl's earring fell off.

Correction: Perhaps the girl just did not know her earring fell off, her not noticing it isn't a mistake. Sometimes my own earrings have fallen out and I don't realize until I get home in the evening.

Corrected entry: When Laney and Zach and the other popular kids are at the beach, Preston comes over to the girls and asks them if they want to play volleyball. The two girls say no and there is a cut of Laney. When she is laying down there is a book in front of her, it is a sketch pad with spirals on it. Then it cuts back to Preston. It then cuts back to Laney and the book is a different book with a famous painting on the page and information about it.

Correction: Its the same book, different page. There is about 5 seconds or more between these shots and Laney could have easily flipped the page.

Ian Mugford

Corrected entry: When Laney is being made over for the party in the middle of the film she has her hair cut above her sholders and keeps it short for the rest of the film. Yet it is long enough at the prom, to be put up perfectly into a French pleat. It can't have grown because it's short again for the graduation ceremony.

Correction: Its actually in a French Roll. It is possible to do this hairdo with short hair as Rachel Leigh Cook (who plays Laney), had short hair at the time that "She's All That" was filmed. The long hair shown earlier in the film is hair extensions.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Laney is telling Zach she can't go to Preston's party, they show Paul Walker and the others get into two open-roofed cars. The girls get in one, while the guys and Lil' Kim get into another one. But as they drive away, you see a Jeep drive away behind a closed-roofed car.

Correction: The people mentioned in this entry (excluding Laney & Zach) get into the same jeep. The two vocal girls get into the backseats while Lil' Kim and the two guys get into the front seats. Check the bars of the jeep. The other closed car belongs to the other people.

Corrected entry: Paul Walker picks her up for the prom and she is not ready at all. At the prom, she has her hair up in a French twist. Knowing how little Lanie cared about her looks, it's doubtful she did this hairdo herself. Who did it? Her dad? Her brother?

Correction: It is doubtful, but not unlikely. She could have done it herself.


Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Rachel Leigh Cook has shoulder length hair. However, when Paul Walker asks her out while she's at work, she has short hair that is ear length. You can clearly see her hair was cut and not in a pony tail. In the rest of the movie she has shoulder length hair again.

Correction: Her hair was lifted up by the elastic used to hold her hat on. The hair is not visibly in a ponytail but you can see the elastic going underneath.

Continuity mistake: When Zach is talking to Mackenzie about Laney (right after it shows Brock farting on 'The Real World'), there are two shots. In the first, Mackenzie puts cream in her hair, and right away there's another shot but it shows her putting her eye makeup on. She couldn't have finished putting the cream in her hair so fast. (00:14:35)

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Taylor Vaughan: Careful of what? OK, I could win this thing in flourescent lighting, on the first day of my period, cloaked in T.J. Max. Ok? My mother was prom queen in '71, my cousin - prom queen in '82, and my sister would have been prom queen in '94 if it wasn't for that scam on the Conway Bed tour bus, okay? I am a goddamn legacy, all right? And besides, not to be a bitch, but who's gonna beat Taylor Vaughan?
Katie: God, I hope that's not your acceptance speech.

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Trivia: In the scene where Simon (Laney's brother) is rollerblading in the cafeteria, with a pepper grinder, he stops at a table and takes a tray from a pretty girl. If you look closely, that girl is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Question: Sarah Michelle Gellar's cameo appearance in the cafeteria seems pretty random. Was she intended to have any more scenes, that were perhaps deleted from the final cut of the movie?

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